Those mistakes…

Quote of a day

Who is perfect, right?

I think perfection is something we pursue all our life. There is always some room for improvement even we are great. I am not, though, that is why my yesterday practice plan failed. I did only parts of it, mostly warm up and then life happened :). No worries, today is another day. Mistake from wrong turn taken, corrections implemented and journey continuous. One good thing from that yesterday’s mistake in planning my day and following it remains. I don’t have to work too hard on my today’s piano practice plan. I need to follow what I didn’t do yesterday. Not that I am extremely happy about it but well, let’s find some good sides of the lesson from yesterday. So, below is my plan for today, simply copied from yesterday:

(I will use as usually my two apps: Piano Marvel and my new app playgroundsessions)

  • first warm up, I don’t change much because it works for me now and I am quite enthusiastic with it: Scales in C major, F minor, F major (two octaves scales, chords, arpeggios – all exercises ready for my in my app PM)
  • further warm up with Canon in C, starting with slower tempo reaching to right speed. I’ll play it few times since I have plan to work on it later.
  • between warm up and practice session I will play 3 times those pieces: The Last Rose and A lonely walk, just to enjoy a bit that I can actually play something already :),
  • technique exercises will start with quick reminder of: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment (needs to be learnt, I am more or less half way but day by day closer to finally being able to play it),
  • back to my Canon in C and working on that part that gives me most trouble, I hope after yesterday session it will improve even further today, each minute spent with it brings me closer to finally get it right :),
  • I think I will work a bit on this piece: What a wonderful world – still needs practice, so I am going to add it since today into my practice session, it is actually fun part because it goes pretty smoothly already but as usually needs some attention yet, I am still beginner with piano :),
  • at the end further practice with new piece from my second app (playgroundsessions): “Falling Slowly” – still learning, still a bit to go.

At this moment, most of that practice is done. I am left with only two points of that plan to follow and I am going to do it in the evening. Second piano session, shorter then previous and I guess will be more enjoyable then that one I just finished.

Now is your turn, plan your session and follow your plan. Find time to play, it is worth it. Spend those calming minutes, hours maybe with your piano or other instrument you might play and enjoy your journey. Take action. Plan and execute! Practice 🙂

Additional thing today regarding our journey today, is I will try to finish our Facebook page, will see how it will work. There is always something new that can surprise us. We will see what that action will bring to us 🙂

All right, lest move on to daily morning routine I have and maybe you as well already. Let’s find some piece of music to get up with. If this is your first post you read, it is routine of listening to some piece of piano music right away after I wake up. It works fine for me, maybe it will for you too. Today’s choice for tomorrow morning is Marriage D’amour, enjoy your morning :

Have a great day and great music session practising those skills you are after, have FUN and see you tomorrow 🙂

Take care.