Rainy day? Great!

Let’s start with quick glance at the empowering quote above. If this one does not work for you, find some that will fire you up and do whatever you need to do today and of course make you PRACTICE today again 🙂

I don’t know what kind of weather you have in your location but here it is dark and rainy today. What a great weather to play! Nothing is possible to do outside unless you want to get wet and catch some cold. Better is to stay home and instead watching TV for example simply sit at our pianos and play, practice and have fun. Sounds great! Now it is time to do it. Maybe you have some plans for today, loads of tasks to do, but let’s focus and find as well time for  our piano session. We want to be better, we want to play one day those pieces we really like. To get there we need to practice again. So, create your plan for your session, make some plan and manage your time that there is time left for what brings joy and fulfilment. OUR PRACTICE SESSION.

Below my plan for today just in case you are interested in what am I doing and how I practice:

(as usually these days I use my Piano Marvel and playgroundsessions apps to practice my piano skills)

  • warm up with scales C major, C minor, F major, F minor (I have in my app these exercises where I play two octaves scales with both hands, then chords and arpeggios – good warm up),
  • further warm up with my Canon in C – still struggle a bit with that piece of music, loads of new skills I learn there, using pedal including),
  • quick brake by playing pieces I know and today again I will play: The Last Rose and A lonely walk, What a wonderful world – 15 minutes of fun!,
  • proper session will start by mastering technique exercises, I finally am able to play last of accompaniment, so now I can practice them all: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment, 
  • again working on Canon in C, that is a struggle for me, but has to be done, so armed with patience I continue practising, not my favourite part of my practice sessions but… based on my experience at some point it will bring loads of joy, and happiness,
  • at the end I will switch to my new app and continue with that piece I am learning to play: “Falling Slowly” – it is slowly improving 🙂

That is my plan! Create yours and take action to FOLLOW what you’ve planned. Enjoy your time with your piano!

Last piece of the puzzle is to prepare piece for tomorrow, apparently this one which I found yesterday worked really great for me today, so I am going to listen to it again tomorrow. If you like something else, try to find it for yourself, share on our Facebook page (Don’t forget to like the page 🙂 )for others and let’s wake up ready to play tomorrow full of enthusiasm to practice again or do other life stuff we have to face tomorrow. So, again Marriage D’amour to start our new day:

At the end as usually I wish you great day, stay positive and PLAY! PRACTICE! HAVE FUN!

Take care.