Episode 17 – 19 – some more practice done

This time three pieces together. Due to some PC problems I experienced I am putting them all here.

As always so far, learnt with Piano Marvel.

Try it and you will not regret it (I don’t 🙂 )

1. “Dreamer”

2. “Tarantella”

3. “The Star Spangled Banner”

Keep practising… It is fun!

Episode 16 – Russian Dance – piano practice continues

New year, new piece of music… learning continuous.

It is still not the level I am trying to achieve but I can tell with every lesson I take with my app, with every day spend playing and practising my range spreads. So, equipped with patience and motivation to do more and more I am looking forward to deliver much more advanced pieces for you to keep you going into direction of your musical dreams. It is doable and only daily practice can take us there. So, today, in this episode it is piece called “Russian Dance” learnt with my Piano Marvel app. Enjoy watching and listening and do your work to play something like that or even better. I am still on gaining skills and I hope soon will deliver even better pieces for your pleasure 🙂

Process of learning was quite the same and developed through every day practice. Which means, I study a piece for a while, I check what keys are going to be played, which scale it is, try it slowly to find perfect position for my hands and if necessary hand movement as well and then I start being supported by chopped pieces from PM app. Then with slow tempo I learn all the piece and then I speed up till the right tempo. So far that approach works the best for me. Who knows what will be in another year of practice? Can’t imagine it actually… I couldn’t imagine place where I am now one year ago. And here we are. Practice and learn and you will surprise yourself too!


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Soon I meet you with my new material I am trying to master… let’s not waste time and practice 🙂

Till next time…

Episode 15 – Sevillana, New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

As usually it is right time to set some goals for next year. We almost always do it, but many times after few months, weeks even days we forget about it and life our lives like before. So, let’s be smarter this year, let’s set goals and actually with an action plan do on daily basis something to reach them or be much closer to reach them this year.

Anyway, this video is another step for me. With piece of music called “Sevillana” from my PM program. Another step taken. Take yours with your sources you use to learn piano or maybe try what I use. As you can see it works fine for me, and I am pretty sure if you practice every day will work miracles for you too. Try it: Piano Marvel.

So, how learning process for this piece of music looked like? Well, it is part of my program, and actually it wasn’t that difficult to learn it. Not this one. Great advantage is that I knew pretty well scale it was played and because of that I guess it was quite easy to learn. So, practice and it will be easy for you to learn new material as well.

Enjoy watching, and as usually short message for you inside the video while I play for you!

As usually, if you decide to use app I am using, below you can find some money saving discounts:

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I will see you soon on next post! … and now I am going back to my piano and PRACTICE. You too enjoy your practice and progress.

Till next time…

Episode 14 – Silent Night, Christmas 2019 wishes

Merry Christmas 2019!

My wishes to you are inside the video while me playing for you. Merry Christmas.

Quick info regarding learning process… It was quite a pleasure to learn this piece, it is not that complicated, though one year ago I could only imagine do it so quickly with being able to read the music sheet, play both hands together much easier, playing it just with support of metronome from my piano not using my app to record it. That is progress for me. I used though my app to learn this piece, where I had it chopped into smaller pieces. So if you are fancy to try my app Piano Marvel, under video there will be some links for you to try it with some discount for you to use if you are willing to use it.

All right with no further ado, Merry Christmas! Have a great time! Enjoy watching and listening:

Your Piano Marvel discount code is:  jw (gives you ca. 20% saving on monthly basis)

Direct link to Piano Marvel registration below. Start your journey and enjoy the every step of the process. It is worth it!

I will see you soon with another video of my progress… I hope you are doing yours as well!

Enjoy playing and your learning process all the way, every day, with every piece you learn, with every skill you master!

Take care.

Episode 13 – “7902 Hilton Place” with Piano Marvel

Another month left, another well spent time with piano, another progress done… journey continues.

This piece of music is part of my program I use learning my piano skills with my app Piano Marvel.

I reached level where practising each new exercise both in Method section and Technique section takes a bit more time. One one hand it is most challenging, but as well sometimes a bit frustrating. But it is not bad. This frustration comes from being hungry for more. Till this moment I learnt how to deal with that. Previous experience from learning what I have already learnt practising all the exercises that lead me here helps to keep focused and practice, practice, practice. Of course we would like to play what we love to play straight away, and sometimes it is possible. Depends of the piece. But my goal is to be able to play almost anything… with understanding what I am doing. And this program I follow is preparing me to do it.

You know those pieces that sound quite easy to play and then at some moment the composer who composed the piece went “crazy”… those skills he or she used when she or he went “crazy” are my ultimate goal. So, one day I can go “crazy” too. I said “crazy” but actually it is not. It is just what they can or could do because they had right set of skills mastered and hours of practice done to be there. I am marching there. You should empower yourself to do the same. If they did it… we can too.

All right, this piece of music is like I mentioned from my program I follow, and… just see. There are more to come. So equipped with patience, hungry for more I continue to play for you one day really well so you can actually enjoy me playing for you and maybe, I actually hope to empower you to learn and play piano or any other instrument you chose to play.

Below the video in this post you can find my discount code for you so you can learn piano too saving some money too on monthly basis. Check it out. It is below.

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Take care to next video and blog post. Have fun playing and learning!

Episode 12 – “Canon in C” 16 months of practice

And another month past with Piano Marvel practice sessions. I feel a bit that I am a bit further and gained some skills that needs to be polished now. Piece I have learnt is Canon in C, but to be honest must be improved a lot yet. You can see that on the video below. Reason is that in this piece there are so many new hands activity introduced for first time. I feel already that there is progress though it might not be seen or heard while you listen to the video I recorded just to journal progress. But you can believe me that there is improvement. Of course like I mentioned there is still a lot of work to do.

This month was quite busy with work and my piano practice was not exactly smooth like I planned it but still I did everything possible to take as much as possible from time I had to practice my piano. I am now at level 5D out of 6E of the program (see picture below) I follow and looking forward to reach in next 9 months end of it where are pieces to play that really will bring a lot of joy to play. So, equipped with patience (not always easy to be patient) I will continue my journey so, you can see that time and daily practice will bring us, me and you to the place where we want to be.

My status on the program I follow in Piano Marvel :

Piano Marvel status

As you can see on picture above I am now on 5D level of my program and I have checked already there are some amazing great pieces to play on level 6C. It is time to practice hard and get there as soon as possible to. Anyway, below you can see on the video where I am right now and piece there I am practising was on level 5C. Enjoy watching.

To assume experience gained from this month of practice is: DAILY PRACTICE IT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO GET THERE WHERE YOU WANT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Take care till next video or post in Blog section.

“The Last Rose” – 15 months with Piano Marvel

Another month with my piano and my app Piano Marvel. To be hones I don’t know where I would be with my piano journey if I wouldn’t use that app. It keeps me going. I am exploring level 5th of my piano app.

This month was quite busy and I did not have as much time to play as I would like. Funny thing is more you play, more you are attached to piano and if I don’t spend at least one hour a day playing I feel something is missing. Happened occasionally this month. Not always what we plan is doable. I try anyway though. Always, I plan ca. 2 hrs for my practice, not always as I mentioned I am able to follow that plan.

This piece of music gave me a little bit of struggle but as well pointed out my week points I need to work on. I need to work with quite thick fingers and sometimes it is hard to play some notes but is doable. Practice destroys most of difficulties.  So, I practice. I don’t look back. I practice with what I have and looking forward to get better each single day. Sometimes to improve takes few days of practice to see that improvement. Sometimes things come quite easily and that builds up the enthusiasm. Most important I think is to play, play, play every single day.

This piece of music as you can see needs still a lot of practice. This is simply where I am at the beginning of the month. I try to post new video each month at the beginning of it. So, here it is. Though, it is not perfect performance, it gives a chance to enjoy piano, and play something that starts to sound better, is a bit longer. Not like pieces I used to play at very beginning when it was less then one minute of simple notes. It was hard at that time for me though. Now I look back and I am happy that I stayed on that journey. I am more then sure I will continue it.

Piano gives so much pleasure. Piano teaches focus. Piano relaxes me. Piano simply makes my days better. So, I am glad that I found that app (Piano Marvel) that suits me and is quite cheap to keep me going to the place I want to be one day. I truly recommend playing not only piano, but any other instrument if that is your choice. No matter how good we are, time spend with music is so precious that I regret I did not start to practice earlier.  Better later then never, though. If you think about playing and you are thinking that maybe it is not for you, I can tell you right here, don’t try it. Just do it. Commit and practice. One day if not from starting point it will become passion. It happened to me and it made my life more filled with joy and happiness.

If you like to try app I use, use this link to get discount or even try it for free: Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel review you can find here: review

Below is my piece of music I work on right now… enjoy watching:

I wish you all the best.

Till next time. Take care.

A lonely walk – 14 months with Piano Marvel

There is no secret that I use PianoMarvel to learn and to improve my piano skills. I am right now on my 5th level with my app Piano Marvel. You can see that on picture below. Piece of music learnt is from that level.


August was a bit tricky with time spend with my piano but somehow I manged to go through next part of level 5 exercises and learn new piece of music. Below is this piece played by me. Under the video link some more words regarding playing it and learning process.

There are new skills that I developed during my exercises on level 5 and I put them in action learning that piece of music. Without paying to much attention my ability to read music sheets develops slowly. That is how PianoMarvel is designed actually. It brings new material step by step and actually forces you to spend some time to understand and learn how to play next exercise or piece of music. As usually I had to start slowly, and learn piece by piece to make my fingers actually play what you can hear. Luckily you can in this app set the metronome with speed you require to train and change it any time you want to speed up. I don’t do it every time, but sometimes is needed. Somehow some material already is easy to play almost straight away, and sometimes it is more difficult, that is when I apply my rule of SLOW/SLOW/A BIT FASTER/ FASTER/RIGHT TEMPO. Though it is tempting to play it quite fast since early beginning but trust me, when you start slower and focus on accuracy you will speed up much faster and play whatever you learn to play without many mistakes. So, in this case slow means faster after all.

Anyway, learning this piece was quite enjoyable. This piece sounds quite good to me, that is why it was also easier to learn it. I found that with material you like it is much easier to master it faster. While when I reach some exercises on my program which are not so great to my ear it is kind of struggle to play them and master them. I do it anyway because program is designed the way that each exercise actually brings new skills or simply by playing it you practice what you learn before. So, it is a process. Job must be done, end of story. Either I like it or not, with a goal to play piano, sometimes we need to go through some practice exercises we don’t like so much. All to reach the point when we can play more what we like and practice and train less what we don’t like but is necessary.

Not much to add actually here. Most important is that once you reach some level and you are able to play few pieces you really like, real fun occurs. Then even you are in the mood not to practice, you always have choice to play those few pieces you really like and spend some time with your piano.

All right, I go back to my daily tasks and wish you all the best and strength to master you piano skills. I truly recommend to play every day, just a bit if you lack of time, but EVERY DAY.

If you are willing to try app I am using below is discount code you can use to get it cheaper:

PianoMarvel Discount Code: jw – feel free to try, you can do it for free for some time as well 🙂

Enjoy, play, have fun.

Take care.

Missing you – piano progress – 13th month

Missing you – learnt with Piano Marvel

Quick few facts:

I am right now on my 5th level with my app Piano Marvel. You can see that on picture below. Piece of music learnt is from that level.

My level on PianoMarvel

If you are willing to improve your piano skills with that app, use your discount code for PianoMarvel to have it cheaper:

PianoMarvel Discount Code: jw – feel free to try, you can do it for free for some time as well 🙂

I am a bit late with writing it down, but it was recorded at the end of the July 2019.

Back to the story of learning process of that piece of music which you can find below this short text or this link as well: Missing you.  As usually I spend between one and half hour to two hours daily with my piano. Most of the days. During a month it happened I miss one or two of those days, and immediately I miss my piano. So, I am at the stage of my piano journey when piano learning and piano practice became my habit. I can’t wait next day to sit and play again moving forward my progress. And though, you might not see the progress in the difficulty of music there is progress. I can tell you that in this program they deliver so much new material that there is almost no room to play or learn new popular pieces. It is not that you can’t. You simply don’t want. You see how you improve. It makes you play more advanced pieces, but based on my goal, to reach end of level 6 as soon as I can, will lead me to play really great pieces from different kinds of music. Only my will to play them will stop me. I want those skills. I want to finally focus more on my repertoire then having part of success. So, that is why pieces I deliver you are mostly from the program designed by PianoMarvel. There is enough to enjoy the journey to promised land and having fun while going there. Occasionally I chose something from PianoMarvel library to start learning, and I am doing it for fun and exercise what I can and what is still missing.

This month was a bit of struggle for me, because I reached few exercises with completely new skill I had to posses. I am progressing obviously with them. But still a lot of to practice. I am happy though because that means that once I master them I will reach another level of proficiency. Great stuff. So, I was struggling but finally going a bit further and mastering this material. In between of that I had learnt that piece of music that you can watch on video below or this link: Missing you. We all know that to improve our skills we need to practice some of the exercises like skale, arpeggios, hanons etc. I use them and play them as warm up many times. They are quite boring to play but at the same time necessary. That is my opinion, based on fact, that since I am more proficient in them playing is much easier and gives more fun. That is why I stuck with them. There are plenty of them in my app. The only thing I need to do is to go back to them from time to time, which I do. Anyway, this month was again a hard work for me with my other project I am involved and finding those two hours a day to play is a struggle sometimes, but to actually find it is so rewarding, that there is no words to describe it actually. I really recommend you do it. Find this time, resign from everything you do that is not necessary and spend time with your piano. Rewards of doing that will come much quicker then you can imagine. What I’ve noticed as well, with this particular piece you can hear and watch below is that during my fun day which is Sunday I am more willing and able to a bit change it, improvise a bit. This is again something new to me. I wasn’t able to do it even last month. So, that is something I can’t show yet, but certainly is happening. Something is changing in me, I guess I am growing a bit at the time musically. You have to know, that I am considering myself not truly talented in music. I simply love it. But what is waking up brings so much joy and better understanding of music and appreciation for those who gave us so much already by creating pieces we now can learn to play, better or worse.

So, there is progress in my playing, I assure you. Consistency in doing it is very important. I am doing it. I will do it. I hope, if you are still sceptical how much you can achieve with your piano, that I will surprise you soon with what can be accomplished when you are committed to the task and how enjoyable it can be. But for now, we need to be satisfied with the process… and video below is part of this process, journey what I like to call it. So, be inspired, and have fun with your piano. Certainly, no matter what, DO NOT STOP!

If you like to use the same app I use to learn piano use this discount code for Piano Marvel to have it cheaper:

PianoMarvel Discount Code: jw – feel free to try, you can do it for free for some time as well 🙂

And now only one thing left, to watch the progress… enjoy 🙂 Piece is called: Missing you.

Have a great day and incoming days of practice with your skills.

Take care.

What a Wonderful World – 12 months with Piano Marvel

What a Wonderful World 🙂

Quick few facts:

Music piece learnt: What a wonderful world – PianoMarvel – level 5

My PianoMarvel level: I just finished level 4 with my app. I still work on exercises from level 4 though.

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: Part E on level 4.

PianoMarvel Discount Code: jw – feel free to try, you can do it for free 🙂

Below you can find pictures with my recent level on Piano Marvel, as a proof that what I am writing is actually true 🙂

My Method and Technique level I am practising now:

My Piano Marvle practice status

Now we have July already. Time goes fast indeed. In the video below you can hear and see what I am working on right now. As usually this piece needs loads of polishing. This time I challenged a little bit myself by choosing piece of music from one level higher then I was already in. Now, I am starting my level 5. Song is as well from level 5. I believe that me playing it will improve while I progress with my program with Piano Marvel. But what happened during practicing:

First was cracking down all fingering for that piece of music. I had to spend some time to actually figure out how to play this song. Hands position based what I play and what comes next. It is great exercise. I have noticed that learning scales helped. I guess learning chords will even improve that process significantly. This happens now in my piano journey. I am learning a bit now about chords, chords progression, inverted chords and all related. It is still big puzzle to me but day by day I understand more and I try to use it to improve my skills. It is a journey for me, and step by step I know I am slightly better. Not good enough yet though.

Piece by piece I was working on fingering for that song. Following song learning plan from my app. Some parts were more difficult then others. Anyway it was quite a lesson. Slow is a key word as usually. Starting slow, and speeding up a little once I felt quite comfortable with some part of this piece of music. Then at one day it was time to put together all the blocks and then another thing happens. Mistakes occur when you have to join those little parts of the song/piece of music you actually can play quite well. At this time I focus a bit to make this process as easy as possible… and again slowing down helps a lot. Just playing it slooooooowly and actually letting brain comprehend all new information helps. It doesn’t take that long actually to be able to play all at one time together. But this process in my case must occur.

Once I know the whole piece of music I am learning I enjoy it even more! Now it is time to work on speed, accuracy, sound. I am still struggling with all that parts. But I feel that day by day, week by week I am improving slightly. Maybe it is not the progress I would like to see, but there is still the progress. It is enough for me to keep going. Maybe one day I will have more time to do it faster by spending even more time by my piano. Time is the key. Focus is the key. Frequency of practice is a key. There are loads of keys actually 🙂 But most important is having fun. That is why choice of right piece of music is quite crucial. I have a lot of exercises to learn and to master. Many of them are not that exiting like music we chose to play. So, to keep having fun, we need to have something that actually will give us fun and yet, we, I believe shouldn’t stretch too much beyond our skill level to avoid frustration, but stretch a little to enjoy what we are playing. That is why first months of playing were quite difficult. I had not big choice of music I liked to play, now being on level 5 with my piano app (Piano Marvel) I have bigger choice. Great stuff 🙂

Ok. I don’t want to bore you to death, so with no more ado, my status of playing after next month in video below.

I hope you enjoyed it even just a little. I hope you will keep going into direction of your musical goals. Have fun every day you play. I will be there with you with my thoughts and me actually playing as well.

If you want to learn with PianoMarvel, Below you can find discount code which will give you ca. 20% discount for your subscription with them.

PianoMarvel discount code: jw

PianoMarvel registration link with discount code: PianoMarvel registration page

Read more about PianoMarvel:PianoMarvel more information

All the best to you and keep practising – reward for doing it is on its way 🙂 You can’t miss it… you will feel it with whole body 🙂

Take care.