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Below is your 20% for life DISCOUNT CODE for pianomarvel.com. Read below why I use this software/app. But right below you have discount code and as well links you can use to register with Piano Marvel. I suggest for you to read first and then decide to register and start your piano journey with this application which I use and I am happy about it:

Your Piano Marvel discount code: jw (use it when registering there)

You can use this link as well: Piano Marvel

Why I use this software?

After trying to learn from youtube, books, dvds, other software I was struggling by not improving. My main problem was that many times there was a big gap between what I could do and what I had to learn next. There was no planned well designed process to stretch my skills. Finally I found PianoMarvel.com page and I had to tell you, it changed my piano world. You can obviously observe my improvement on Journal section of this page but here I just want to mention that money I spend monthly for this software is the money well spend and the price is affordable. So, Why I use this software. I put it in a bullet list. I hope that will make it more clear.


  • Motivating (the structure how it is design keeps me motivated to do more and better)
  • Addictive ( Yes it is quite addictive which I didn’t experience with other sources so far, if that will be changed, you will know)
  • I think it is for all age range to use. (either you like it or not… you need to be judge)
  • Video tutorials and videos where people actually perform (I don’t use it so much, however I find this as good feature, because sometimes I do… and it helps)
  • Instant feedback on the lessons and songs (it shows you how well you play notes, how accurate you are with rhythm, gives  you percentage score. You can even win trophies  like gold pianos and starts once you finish lesson or song – very good feature, keeps me wanting more)
  • Ear training exercises (I honestly can say my hearing improved, I can see that on daily basis activities not only playing piano, here by the piano there is still huge progress to make 🙂 )
  • Rhythm practice ( this feature or exercises I like a lot, I still count, this help me to play later on without software, that’s the goal right? If you become addicted to software it may harm when playing without it, that is why along learning, I still try to count an keep the rhythm without looking at the screen of my PC)
  • Sight reading ( I significantly noticed that my music reading improved and you can test it there, it is good feedback where you are now)
  • Loads of songs ( I even didn’t check how many but there are over 1000 to choose from, some are popular but some or not. I am more then sure that you will find some to learn, later on you can use different sources as well, I will, but you will be informed about it in Journal section)
  • Book mode ( So if you don’t have digital piano ready to be connected to you PC, you can print book, notes and choose that option in the software. You decide you have learnt the piece and check as completed. I don’t use it for learning but I use to print and play it by my own. Helps practice reading and playing skills)
  •  Customer service (I haven’t used strictly customer service, but I used videos they prepared to learn about software and to use it to its limits, I’m pretty sure there is still a lot to learn. They have Email, Facebook and youtube support to help you out if you are in trouble – as well I didn’t have to use it so far.)
  • You can upload your own music to the Piano Marvel Library (I didn’t use this feature yet, but it’s there)
  •  Level 1 is free once you sign up for one month trial. (I used that option, to learn about Piano Marvel and check is this software right for me – recommend you to do it before you actually pay)
  • Songs for free (once you have monthly subscription, you don’t need to pay for almost all of the songs, they are there for you for free)

Negative (there are always some things we don’t like:) )

  • To start learning you need (digital piano to connect with MIDI cable to you PC)
  • Learning with acoustic piano quite difficult (I mean you need to have some experience in piano to judge if you completed lesson properly, in that case you need to observe how you play, notice mistakes, which may be difficult. It helps sometimes because you keep focus and I find it useful, though, I put it here as disadvantage. Good thing is that they work on some kind of software or tool that will make possible to use all advantages of the acoustic pianos as well, will see. I will keep an eye on it to let you know it is there already)
  • As everywhere there are some mistakes/bugs. (Well, happens to everybody.)
  • There are no basic information (how to sit at the piano, hand posture, body posture etc. You need outside resources to find that out.)
  • Score record (you might find score record frustrating for you sometimes. You think you are quite there and then you see you are not. It motivates me, but can be frustrating for someone)
  • Sound length (Once you hit the right key at right time it does count as right, so you may play longer notes once you supposed to. You need to be sometimes careful, but only sometimes)

For me Piano Marvel is the software I needed. It is good for beginners I think. I am beginner and find it really good. I’ve noticed that my motivation to play increased, that I practice consistently. There are pieces of music that I can choose from, and later on I will use other sources to get the songs I really want to play. This is strictly to learn and have things done more or less right. Why I said here “more or less right”? I believe nothing will replace real teacher who puts real attention to you. But it is way cheaper to get started. At least for me.

How much it cost?

  • you can sign up for free to use free account for 30 days called premium access.
  •  15,99$ a month when you decide to get premium account access but…
  • 12.99$ a month when you use my Discount Code: jw (I get small fee from it. I use it to cover costs of running this blog 🙂 )