It may sound so obvious but I believe we all struggle to keep that one particular tip in place. It is better to practice one hour every day than practice once a week for 7 hours. I know that sometimes it is hard to find this time, but it will work great for you if you find some time to practice each single day. Based on my experience, when I sometimes don’t find this time to practice every day, or simply I am too lazy (working on it) and I come back to practice my piano skills or learn some melody, I loose some time to recall what I’ve learnt before. It doesn’t happen when I practice everyday on some pieces of material. Conclusion is quite obvious, that practicing every day speeds up learning process and helps to keep learnt skills in place and pushes us forward in our playing piano journey.


I find this tip very useful and accurate for me. I hope it will work for you as well. There was some time, at the very beginning of my piano journey when I was jumping from one to another source of knowledge how to play the piano. The result was that my skills were improving much slower than they could. The reason was that I wasn’t focused and consistent enough to master the skill that one particular source was offering. I put it different way. All programs, applications, books, courses have some kind of plan to teach you playing piano. Knowledge comes in pieces to you. Once you master one thing it teaches you another and then another etc. There are so many ways to teach, you and me, how to play piano, so, it is obvious that you can find some boring times and boring exercises in any of the courses, no matter what you chose for yourself. In my opinion and based on my experience it is much better to stay with one particular course as long as you can or best till you finish it to gain from it whatever was planned for you to gain from it. Then you can chose another. This time you are equipped with some skills, knowledge and it will be easier to you what is best for you.

So, stick to one course, master your skills and be amazing! Most of all: HAVE FUN!

This one helps me a lot. That is why I recommend it. When I learn some piece of music it helps me a lot if I can listen to that particular song, melody, piece performed by somebody else who actually can do it better then me. I found that once I am familiar or my ears are familiar with what I am learning it speeds up my learning process and I find more easily areas when I need to improve my skills. My additional advice regarding listening: If you want to learn how to play on piano, let say some pop, rock etc. piece, then I recommend to find a record of somebody performing this piece on the piano only – ideally, but if there is not original record of the piece will do.

So, listen to music you want to play and make your learning more easy! Most of all: HAVE FUN!