Tuesday can be great day too…

Piano practice - daily empowering quote

It is time to start our another day with piano.

As usually I start with some empowering quote. If this quote does not empower you, just google different. Anything that works for you must be done. It is after all about you, and your journey. I point it here some stuff that work for me, and maybe you can take advantage of that. Most important is to take again ACTION! For us it simply means that we need to practice today again. No matter how good you are right now, there is always  something good that will come from practice session. One most important is to have just fun. If you are like me at beginning stages of piano journey, well, there is a lot of to work on, which is actually great because there is a lot of fun time in front of us practising and getting better. Good thing about being beginner is that improvements are easier to notice. Take advantage of that, be proud of your progress, even small progress. Stay enthusiastic and keep going. Day after day, week after week, and become great!

All right now is time to plan my session and you can do it as well. Planning for me works well maybe it will work for you too. Let see what I have planned for me today:

(I will use as usually my two apps: Piano Marvel and my new app playgroundsessions)

  • first warm up, I don’t change much because it works for me now and I am quite enthusiastic with it: Scales in C major, F minor, F major (two octaves scales, chords, arpeggios – all exercises ready for my in my app PM)
  • further warm up with Canon in C, starting with slower tempo reaching to right speed. I’ll play it few times since I have plan to work on it later.
  • between warm up and practice session I will play 3 times those pieces: The Last Rose and A lonely walk, just to enjoy a bit that I can actually play something already :),
  • technique exercises will start with quick reminder of: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment (needs to be learnt, I am more or less half way but day by day closer to finally being able to play it),
  • back to my Canon in C and working on that part that gives me most trouble, I hope after yesterday session it will improve even further today, each minute spent with it brings me closer to finally get it right :),
  • I think I will work a bit on this piece: What a wonderful world – still needs practice, so I am going to add it since today into my practice session, it is actually fun part because it goes pretty smoothly already but as usually needs some attention yet, I am still beginner with piano :),
  • at the end further practice with new piece from my second app (playgroundsessions): “Falling Slowly” – still learning, still a bit to go.

Now I have it, my practice session planned. Honestly, it is not always happening that I am able to do all what is in my plan. It is all about the time we have to play. But when plan is there, it helps to avoid distractions, focus on plan, practice and have a lot of fun. Maybe sometimes it is worth to cancel some other things less important just to spend more time playing. Create your plan, find the time, practice and enjoy the process. It is worth it to do it. Don’t wait, just do it 🙂

And last thing to be prepared is music for tomorrow’s wake up time, let’s listen a bit of F. Chopin again. I am not even sure I have listened to that piece before, I am exploring more and more now, it will come again to me, to you when you do it on daily basis. I mean name of pieces, who plays them, it is another part of knowledge that needs to be developed. Not in one day though. We don’t want to get frustrated, we want to be enthusiastic, right. So, don’t worry, daily routines will help us to learn more and more, and over time will build up and pay rewords later.

Let’s then listen in the morning this piece as musical Hello for Wednesday:

All right. That is all for now in writing. Now it is time to get ready to follow that plan I created for myself. Create one for yourself, best in writing, and FOLLOW! This is where fun begins. Playing! That is fun. Getting better will build your enthusiasm to do even more 🙂

Have a great Tuesday! Enjoy your journey and take action to reach your goals 🙂

Take care.