Sunday full of fun…

I love my Sundays with piano. I have planned it to just enjoy my progress and simply play those pieces I have already learnt. Some are play better some worse and today is a day when I work more on some of them by simply playing them more times trying to work on better sound. It is hard with my piano which is quite old and have some defects but I wait till I finish my app program (Free registration here to try it out: PianoMarvel) and then I promised myself that I will change it. That gives me additional motivation to keep going. I guess it is ca. half year of practice in front of me to make that dream come true: new piano 🙂

My plan for today is very simple:

  • warm up part one with my technique exercises (scales F major and F minor with chords and arpeggios),
  • warm up part two by playing 5 times piece I am learning now: Canon in C,
  • FUN time by playing and developing those pieces I know how to play already.

All right, now is time for a bit of music. Below is what I started my day with, enjoy. I hope one day I will be able to entertain you with pieces played by me and inspire you with them 🙂 Not yet though 🙂

Have a great day with your instrument and have loads of fun playing 🙂

Take care.