New week…

Monday, what a great day there is plenty of time to do what we need to do this week, but let’s not hesitate because on the other hand days go by quite quickly. As usually there has to be some plan for this week in our heads and then I do it, on paper or like mine I just put it here to share with you. Once my plan is here there is only one thing left to do. Follow it. No matter what. No matter how tired we are. No matter what is on TV. No matter who visits me. Once plan is in place. Time planned for it is already taken. Easier that way to say: NO to possible distractions. Unless something really unexpected happens that needs immediate attention. Happens though seldom. So, let’s see what I am going to do today, and actually in about one and half hour:

  • warm up with technique exercises from my app Piano Marvel (scales, chords, arpeggios Fmajor, Fminor based on what I am learning now),
  • warm up and partly training already with piece I managed to play from the beginning with minor mistakes Canon in C,
  • quick brake for fun playing two last pieces I learnt and play them that they sound even better then now, and they can, trust me :),
  • back to technique section and working on my next exercise on the program I follow: Boom Chuck Accompaniment,
  • again back to my Canon in C, I still play it with 75 tempo and supposed to 90. Well, slowly I will get there.
  • if there is some time left, I am going to test new app as well, I would like to bring some variety to my practice :

That is more then enough based on time I have left today for my piano. Tomorrow maybe it will be a bit better. Will see.

As part of daily routine in the morning I listen at least one piece of piano music just to start my day. It is ready to play in the evening and when I wake up instead of thinking about daily tasks I start with my mind filled with music. F. Chopin again. My piece from today’s morning, same piece I listened few days ago, kind of like it:

All right, now it is time for us. We need to play. Create plan if you like, and lets practice 🙂

Take care.