What a morning…

That was quite a morning. Sometimes life surprises us with unexpected event we need to deal with. Finally is done. Now, it is time to relax and get back on track. The only thing I was able to do is to listen as part of my morning routine some great piece of music. I explore F. Chopin. What an musician he was… but I don’t have to tell you, right? Once you listen to his music you simply know. Anyway, loads of time wasted, well maybe not wasted but lost, and now it is time to plan an evening session with piano. Still few things to do here and there. So, with no further ado my plan is:

  • start with few rounds of playing scales from my previous technique exercises in my app. (Piano Marvel)
  • I need some fun today so I will play for a bit longer pieces I know already as part of my warm up,
  • I must learn a bit something new… new exercise from technique section of my app will come and it is: Boom Chuck Accompaniment,
  • Next will be my practice of that new piece from Method section and it is Canon in C – slowly getting better there, but there is still a load of practice to do,
  • At the end I think I will play again last learnt two pieces for few times.

All right, that is the plan. Now it is only one thing to do: follow the plan and practice. Do yours, or simply start playing when you have time to do it, if you don’t have the time try make the time. I promise it is not time wasted, it is actually precious time. You and music, not thinking about anything but music and how you play, how to improve etc. Great stuff. Keeps you away for few hours from daily routine and challenges you might have there. Who knows maybe that brake will inspire you to do something different way? Anyway, it is fun! Do it.

Ok, now is the time to share the piece I was able to listen to in the morning though it turned after all to be QUITE a morning. Like I mentioned, F. Chopin again:

Have loads of fun today with your music.

Take care.