May 31, 2019

Consistency is a key…

Right? When I was in my teenager I was many times told that phrase: consistency is a key. Did I follow those words? Yes and no. With some things I did and I master them with some I did not and simply was wondering why things did not happened to me. Today I know that this is actually golden formula for success in any field. Even you don’t know how to do things you still need to do it anyway, even you do it wrong. Once you do it wrong long enough you will notice that something must be change in the attitude or approach to the task etc. By doing something wrong we actually learn and we are one step closer to do it right. This is so true especially when you don’t have access to any mentor who would straight your paths and put you in the right one based on mentor’s experience. But what when you don’t have one. It is longer way I believe but still possible to reach your goals. It has great advantage though, because by doing something on your own, you may discover new ways, better ways, your own ways of doing something. If you are lucky enough and have talent in what you are doing it may lead you to very interesting life. If you don’t have enough talent, still you are on the winning side. Many people who achieved something spectacular in their lives say that talent alone is not enough. There must be something else. Commitment. Consistency. Focus. etc. So, putting aside talent, the only thing we can control is to stay focus, commit and do whatever we chose to do consistently. There is nothing else to say today, before I start my piano sessions but: You and me, if we want to be good at piano, we need to practice, practice, practice. Lets do it then. Lets put aside all challenges we have in our lives and for the time we spend in front of the piano, lets stay focused only on this activity, and lets have fun by becoming better then yesterday.

My practice plan for today:

30 min morning session with scales.

60+ min new lesson from my app (pianomarvel – truly recommend as part of your piano study)

30+ min new piece practice and other pieces mastering which I know already.

It is repeated action of mine, same plan more or less but new experiences, though it sounds boring it is not. I know I am becoming better. Maybe not fast enough like I want but step by step moving forward. Practice every day and you will too notice changes or better to say improvements in your piano skills. Consistency is the key 🙂

Have a great day 🙂