June 1, 2019

I feel I am actually worse but…

Yes, I feel that way for a few last days with my piano skills, but deep inside I know it is a process of improvement. Did you have that experience with other things we do in our lives? You try to master something and you did many times something and you feel or even notice that is getting worse then you did it before. Then suddenly, in some mysterious way you are doing it right, better then before. If not, maybe its only me, but I believe it is process and we all in some ways go through it. To relate it to piano practice, it happens many times when I learn new part of material. It goes better and better, I remember more, I can play quite well and then suddenly it stops improving and actually goes backwards. I stop practicing from time to time this part of material at that time, I shift focus to something else, to practice something else and after some time I go back to it… then this amazing thing happens. I am able to play it quite all right. I am not sure, maybe our brains needs some time to comprehend new things, build connections and then by practicing again knows how to do it. Anyway, I share that with you to not worry about that periods of our practice. We may feel we are worse. I believe that is when unseen forces work for us to make us stronger, better etc. So, Lets not worry if something goes differently then we expect, lets not ignore it either, maybe we do something wrong. This is time to observe, improve or simply keep going. Depends of our finding.

So, with that last thought, I am not worry, you shouldn’t as well if you are in similar situation from time to time and we simply need to do one thing to keep going. That is right… Practice! Practice! Practice! Maybe wiser a little bit. That is all. So my plan for today is to practice again:

30 min of scales (that helps me a lot to wake up and warm up my hands, I do it with my app pianomarvel – cheap solution to keep you practicing)

30 min of pieces I know already.

Today is shorter day of practice for me, I am going for a trip to reconnect with nature 🙂 It is beautiful day already. I hope you are starting or started already your beautiful day full of joy, happiness and accomplishments. Lets make this day great. I wish you all the best 🙂