May 30, 2019

When it goes wrong…

Sometimes I wake up and believe you had that experience too, when you wake up with unreasonable mood and something is wrong. There is no will to do anything. I don’t understand yet why this happen but here it is. Bad mood day. Luckily we are in charge of what we do with that. Through some time I developed routine that helps me to survive that kind of day and most of the times just change it completely from expected disaster to victory. I call it 15 minutes routine. Why 15 minutes routine? Because I do everything in 15 minutes frame of time. Whatever it is I am trying to focus on planned actions for 15 minutes and do it no matter what. It ends quite quickly to do my tasks in longer periods and at the same time my mood improves. Being focused on those 15 minutes it is not that difficult and suddenly there is hunger awaken to do more, just to finish the task. Usually in the middle of the day I am back on my course, but if not, I continue with 15 minutes focus routine. Try it. It makes things done for me. Who knows maybe it will work for you too. Or maybe you will develop even better way to survive day like this.

So, today I divide my day in 15 minutes pieces of time and hopefully it will improve as usually around noon 🙂

My plan for today regarding piano has not change, only I will do my brakes and rewire my motivation after each 15 minutes of practice (more or less of course):

30 min scales practice – first session.

60+ min practising new material with my app (pianomarvel – you can check it out if you like, quite great supporting tool for your piano practice – I love it)

30+ min session with pieces I know and one new which I am mastering now 🙂

What is your plan? Do it in writing, follow it and you will be proud at the end of a day what you accomplished. It works for me great, maybe it will for you too.

I like to look at days like this as a test of character. Will it brake me? No, I try to push myself even harder on those days using my 15 minutes routine to make things happen. Then when enthusiastic days come it is so easy to do actually anything. You feel unstoppable. Who doesn’t like to be unstoppable.

So, I hope you will feel today unstoppable and accomplish marvellous things and you will be closer to your goal 🙂

Take care, have a great day 🙂