Next Sunday…

Journey quote

Today’s post I start as usually with some quote, I kind of like this one, so here it is, to keep us going and set our mind to play today again:

The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it.
– Charles de Lint

We continue our road, our journey. I don’t know what is your plan for today, I guess that you have something in mind to practice, to learn or just like me maybe have day of fun. If you read my posts regularly you know already that Sunday is my day of fun with piano and after warm up I will simply enjoy pieces I know how to play. I know they don’t sound perfect, they need more attention, improvements but what I can say is that when you continue your journey, practice every day, they seem to be easier to play and will sound better just because your set of skills grows and gives you more pleasure on moments like this when you sit to your piano or any other instrument you play and simply play. So, plan your actions today the way you will find this precious time to play. Mine is simple today:

  • as usually for me warm up starts in my app Piano Marvel.  Warming up with those scales, chords and arpeggios I practised recently: C, F, G minor and few times playing my new scale E minor plus my  Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment.
  • now is time to have fun, I will simply enjoy what I can do with my piano today. Day of FUN begins here 🙂

It is a journey, of course we want to play beautifully and with practice we will, but we need to enjoy our progress too, or get hungry to do more. That is why I have this day of fun. It gives satisfaction and as well points weak areas I need to put my attention to during a week of practice. But today is not about mistakes, it is about enjoyment. pleasure, acknowledgement of how far we/I am considering starting point whatever that was for you.

Have fun today! Play!

Last thing here, is to get ready for next morning. Today’s piece I listened wasn’t great fit for my morning somehow. Happens. We wake up with different moods each morning and sometimes simply what I chose doesn’t fit, but most of the days it works fine. So, maybe that what I had yesterday will work tomorrow. I will listen again same piece of music and I hope will work for you too. If not, just find some and have it ready to enjoy your morning routine on condition that works for you of course 🙂

All right that is all. I wish you all great day, especially while playing and enjoying your music, your progress, your challenge.

Take care.