Rainy day

Empowering quote for today

On this rainy day I will start with this quote to keep going. I think always is good to empower yourself with anything. I use some quotes. It works fine to me, maybe it will to you too. So, let’s start with this quote today:

You can control two things: your work ethic and your attitude about anything.
– Ali Krieger

Let’s control our attitude then. Though it is so rainy day, dark day, cold day and it would be cosy to stay doing nothing drink some warm drink like coffee or tea, let’s chose to warm up those hands we have and play some music. Half hour of playing will set us into right mood to continue for another half hour maybe, and then maybe another one and so on. Reward will come with accomplishment, maybe new skill we develop, maybe we will finally master this piece we learn, maybe we will understand a bit more what we are doing and is not clear for us yet. Practice will bring a lot more than postponing  our time with our instrument till tomorrow or any other day. So, let’s quickly plan our sessions, decide what we want to play today, how far we want to go today and simply take ACTION to do it.

My plan is here below:

  • as usually for me warm up starts in my app Piano Marvel.  Still practising those scales, chords and arpeggios: C, F, G minor and major and just 2 octaves scale in E minor plus my  Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment.
  • as part of warm up and as well practice a bit I move to another exercise where I will practice chords in E minor and if it goes well arpeggio.
  • moving to method exercises now and continue with Canon in C, will play it focusing on difficult parts and at the end playing it few times from beginning to the end.
  • switching apps and starting now with  “Falling Slowly” in my  playgroundsessions app.

All of that should take ca. 2 hours of piano practice. I know my mood will rise after, feeling great about next step forward taken. Take yours. Practice. Practice hard 🙂 … and have fun all the way.

What is left to be ready for today’s piano practice? Right. Piece of music to wake up tomorrow with. Great stuff. Sets your mind straight away with thoughts about what you need to do today to find those minutes, hours maybe to practice, play and have fun while playing. My choice for tomorrow is this piece of music:

As usually enjoy your piano session, have loads of fun. After all we play because we like it, right? Why wait, let’s do it NOW!

Take care.