Knightly Tale with Piano Marvel

This piece of music is from Level 5E of Piano Marvel app.

This time few more things been uncovered after recording you will see. Most important is the imperfection on my left hand. It is too week and as well my 4th and 3rd finger behave a bit weird. Thanks to advice from my friend from one of the piano forums I am active on I know what to do next. If I wouldn’t record it and show to anybody I would exist thinking everything is fine and keep going without not correcting this mistake or rather imperfection. How? Well, very simple .In Piano Marvel  there is plenty exercises called Hanon. You use them to strengthen your hands, to play with better accuracy, to create better sound, to play more even sound, to increase your speed, to correct some mistakes in your body position, to relax more while playing <- this is what happened when I started paying attention to Hanons and how I play them. I truly recommend to anyone  who wants to improve skills to simply PLAY THEM. Plenty of them in Library section of the app I am using not to mention scales, chords and arpeggios exercises that work miracles if you play them on daily basis as warm up. Over time it builds strength and better understanding of your music. Try it here, you have all of them in one place:

Now, with no further ado, another piece I’ve learnt:

“Knightly Tale” – Learnt with  Piano Marvel  – enjoy watching

Keep going, keep playing… we will reach our stars… Practice is the key! PLAY and ENJOY!