Silver Lit Night with Piano Marvel

I did get lazy a bit with posting on my page but with this post I will be sort of up to date.

This piece of music is again from my Piano Marvel app, level 5E in Method section. While I was learning this piece I also put a lot of attention to practice Hanons and Scales (2 octaves + chords + arpeggios) as 45 min warm up. I feel that warming up with Hanons and Scales works great for me and I quite sure that it will as well for you. I am more relaxed (my hands) and my fingers get a bit stronger. It takes time to strengthen them and it takes some time to learn Hanons. There are plenty of them and as I was told it is worth to chose Hanon in C and as well Hanon with one to three black keys for example in G or D. I did and simply I work on Hanon no 1 and 2 in both scales. Here we need to be careful, it is not about to practice to play those Hanons and straight move on to another one. I use them and it works great to work on some technique issues and to strengthen my hands and to speed up a bit. When you will try you will quite quickly notice some changes in the way you play.

But back to new piece of music you can watch and listen below. Again, as always in Piano Marvel it introduces use of new skills we just developed and as well to develop while learning this piece. This is great. But as well because it is new, you can’t expect to be perfect yet ๐Ÿ™‚ New skills take time to sink into you, but playing again a bit more advance, not too more advance, piece of music gives you a bit of challenge to practice but not to hard that you can’t do it. After all we need to enjoy playing, otherwise… NO! nobody is quitting. We are moving forward!

So, enjoy watching and if you like to play and have decent program to follow I recommend you app I am using now:

Time for a bit of music NOW ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œSilver Lit Nightโ€ โ€“ Learnt with ย Piano Marvelย  โ€“ enjoy watching

As always, till next time. Meantime: let’s keep playing, keep practising and keep chasing that dream of playing well ๐Ÿ™‚