June 7, 2019


This is something anybody would like to create. Based on common definition it requires many skills, perfection, loads of experience etc. Especially when we talk about music. To create something unforgettable, not many achieved that. How many musicians achieved that? Music that is and will be known forever. That is something great to aim. Be between them. But I am not saying I am or ever will be there. Maybe you or even maybe me, who knows. Not all unforgettable music pieces are that advanced. But to create something like this requires skills. Even simple notes sometimes give us goose bumps. Still people who created them had set of skills. We need to aim there. Copy them. At one point there were exactly where you or me are now. With limited set of skills and knowledge. It is only up to us what we will do about it. We can sit and complain how unfair live might be, or we can practice in silence and aim for the stars. Who knows where it will lead us. Maybe even you don’t see it right now, it will awake talents that nap inside you just waiting for you to wake them up, to sharpen them, to use them for your satisfaction and with a little luck will also affect crowd around you, around the world. There is a lot that could be said. My point is though this, be prepared for chances that may come. And usually they come to people who are ready or in the process of being ready. It is easier to grab them then instantly. Be ready – practice to be better again… better then yesterday.

Lets create our masterpiece today. How? Well lets live this day like it is our masterpiece with all we have. With all we have now, lets make the day perfect for today. Tomorrow we will be equipped with more tools maybe, then we will think how to make another masterpiece from next day. So, for me, today, it means to make and take from this day as much as possible. I want to be proud how I used this day. Time given me today. I want it to be my masterpiece. In piano related subject it will be perfecting skills and practising new, which starts for me with a plan for today:

  • 30 min scales practice with my app. PianoMarvel.
  • 60+ min practice with new material and sharpening material learnt yesterday.
  • 30 min my fun practice, where nothing matters and I play what I know the best I can and have loads of FUN. I love that practice. I put it at the end as my reward for what I did in earlier 1.5h.

What is your plan for today? Do you have one in place already? My tip is to do it in writing. It helps to follow it 🙂 Just an idea. Use it or not, but for sure make that day count. Make it your masterpiece. Then you will fall asleep in the evening ready and powered to do more next day. It works that way for me. Maybe it will as well for you. Try it. It won’t hurt 🙂

Take care.