June 6, 2019

It accumulates…

Oh yes, another beautiful day and another chance to experience something uplifting today… and even more huge chance to be better in piano then yesterday. Many things we don’t control but this what we do with our time is in our area of control. Lets decide to do it wisely and good results will accumulate over time. Lets look at this this way:

Day 1 – we practice our piano skills to be just a bit better then yesterday.

Day 2 – we practice again, and will be better then yesterday and much better then day before yesterday.

Day 3 – same math, simple but sometimes I forget maybe you too, that it adds up. We will be better then yesterday and well even much better than on day 1.

Now count 365 days, two years, maybe five years… what we will find? Well I believe or even I am sure about it, you and I will find ourselves in completely different world of our piano skills. Those daily practice will make a huge difference over time, not noticeable sometimes over one day but in longer period of time the difference is significant. That is why try to remember, maybe record yourself or use any other way to remember the time when you were starting, when you were in different place you are right now. It works both ways, if you practice and keep that consistency over time you will notice difference and you I am assuming that will be proud of yourself. If you don’t practice, well, this may ring a bell and make a shift in your approach and you will start practice. It is never to late. In both situations you are the winner. So, be the winner, and that brings memories and video I used to watch a lot when I was down and struggling with other things then piano:

So with that in mind lets plan our sessions for today and do them. Mine is below:

  • 30 min my lovely scales practice (with of course my app PianoMarvel)
  • 60 min new material session and exploring general knowledge of music piece by piece.
  • 30 min fun session with playing tunes I know and exploring the piano and this soul touch which comes really slowly to me.

Most of all, have fun, be better then yesterday by practising today as much as you can. We all have different commitment of course, but try your BEST!

You may as well see my progress there if you are pleased to do so:


Take care.