May 24, 2019

New morning and back to my routine! 30 mins of scales in the morning. If you read what I wrote for last few days you know I had no access to my piano and practiced my scales on my paper piano. I think it wasn’t smart move. My fingers were stiff and couldn’t hit keys properly for first few minutes. It felt strange for the beginning. Luckily everything came back after ca. 10 minutes. I easily remembered scales, so practicing them in my mind, what I did during my holiday too, helped I guess. But practicing on anything different then real piano or proper keyboard is not that smart idea. At least for me. I could use this time to develop my theoretical knowledge, mistake done and learnt. Will be smarter for next period of piano break. Take advantage from my mistake. Or maybe it will work for you. Who knows. Anyway todays plan is:
Scales practice in the morning – DONE
New lessons from my app for about 1 hour – afternoon to be done.
Evening session with pieces I know how to play ca. 45 min – will be done.
What is your plan? Lets remember consistent practice brings us closer to promised land
Take care and have fun!