June 11, 2019

The big why…

Yesterday I met my friends friend. There is nothing special in this of course, people meet people. But we started talking and one word to another we actually reached area of music. She shared with me few insides that made me realized again why playing any instrument is so great. In my case of course it is piano. So, what she said and how she entered music world? Well, it is all thanks to her daughter. She/daughter in her early years on this planet started attending school theatre and music lesson. She started to be quite good at this and more and more involved which created the need for mom to educate herself too… to help her child. That is quite obvious approach to take. But what she said next is what is actually what makes playing or being involved in the music is so exciting. She said since she started to learn piano and going with her daughter for those lesson, performances she started to meet great people. She said before that she was so involved in all bad news from media, politics, problems… all sort of problems. All my friends were talking about what is around us and in many cases we don’t even have chance to do something about it. And right now, she said I meet so optimistic people that charge me to learn and experience music almost daily. It gives me so much joy and happiness to not think about, you know regular life I have and all things I had to do. I am kind of hungry to learn more to have even more to talk with those musicians. Many times I don’t actually get what they are talking about but I am listening. And it came to me from nowhere… three months ago I didn’t even thought about what I will be doing today and that it will be so much fun.

Well, somehow she crossed my path and we had chance to talk about music. Based on what I know, was enough to share my experience with music with her. I hope that spark in her will start a fire, and she will stay on the course. What I want to say is that music changes a lot in our lives. Certainly changed a lot in mine. Certainly changed a lot in hers. Maybe it will change a lot in yours. You should try. Play any instrument you like. It might be that your first choice will not be the one, so I encourage you to search further, try another one and play. It is so much fun. Only beginning might be difficult because we enter the unknown and we feel a little bit lost. But step by step, day by day everything becomes more clear and starts to deliver those magical moments as I call them when you are hungry for more! Suddenly also you start to meet other music enthusiasts and share your knowledge and learn without even learning. Sharing brings knowledge too. How great it is to help other person to understand something and how great is to learn from other person by simple fact of sharing. We may not even know how much what we say influences other person, friend.

So, the big why for me is just the fact that music changes lives. It certainly changed mine. For better. To continue my journey I need to do one more thing today… You probably know what is it if you read previous posts. It is my 30+/60+/30+ sessions. Below they are and one new I try to implement slowly into that routine:

  • 30 mins with my scales practice using my app PianoMarvel
  • 60 mins new material learning and practising/mastering previous material
  • 30 mins fun session – just enjoying piano and playing what I know already… my reward for two previous sessions, usually evening session, FUN TIME 🙂
  • 15-30 mins – study time, yes, I need to study some music theory to use it during my practice time. So, it is also time to read and watch new things.

I wish you all great day and have FUN playing your piano or any instrument that you might playing.

Take care.