I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi – learnt from music sheet

This time on my piano landed music sheet, five pages of notes to learn by heart… and it was “I Giorni” by Ludovico Einaudi. (see the video at the bottom of this page). It is much easier to play once you know those notes by heart. It took quite time because I am trying to get challenged with every new piece of music. That way you develop your skills and use them in next piece of music. What this piece brought into my skill set? Well still improving those skills but they slightly improved, here they are as I remember them:

  • hands separation
  • a bit of speed
  • stretched my fingers (though I had to for now, cut one note because couldn’t reach it to play clear sound, but getting there slowly)
  • released a bit my wrists, but on the video you can see they are still quite stiff – getting there :),
  • started to move my hands more freely, though again it is a process, and you can barely see it, but I can feel it. I am on the right direction :).
  • more feeling of the music… can’t actually explain it, but once you’re there, you will feel it. Somehow, you feel it in your body: isn’t that beautiful? Playing piano is such a quest with loads of things that happen which are hard to explain. YOU MUST PLAY! YOU MUST FEEL IT!

Since, I have reached level 6th of Piano MarvelI started less often use it. On level 6th there are many really nice pieces of music to learn, and I will certainly do it, but for now, I divide my time with piano for scales practice (here I use book The Virtuoso Pianist and as well Piano Marvel app), and new piece of music practice with online teacher. So, if you like follow my steps, I truly recommend mentioned PM app . After some time you will not need it. I don’t so much anymore.

Here is the latest video with what I am still practising… but here I am, thanks to PM, online teacher and almost daily PRACTICE 🙂

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That is all for now, PLAY, HAVE FUN, I can tell by experience it is worth it. Not easy, to me at least, but worth it!

Take care,