Battle Hymn of the Republic with Piano Marvel

Battle Hymn of the Republic was quite a challenge and again developed new skills in my hands. Most difficult was with that piece was to keep tempo right and hand independence while playing. But again as always new pieces from the program rather stretch my skills and simply introduce new things that must be practised in the future. My experience shows that skills you develop with new piece help to sound better with the old ones a lot when you played less advanced notes. So, I guess with every new piece of music we develop our ability to play better, to sound better and to have more and more fun playing. Below is the piece I’ve learned as usually for now with Piano Marvel.

Try it and you will not regret using that app it (I don’t 🙂 ) The key is to practice as often as possible. Ideally every day.

“Battle Hymn of the Republic” – enjoy watching

Keep going with your practice. See you soon 🙂