Worse days happen…

There always were and there always be days like I have today when some unseen power pushes you to the ground.

All that seems so easy to do becomes much harder to do on those days. But like in the quote above the only thing we can do is keep our chins up and keep moving. I have that routine of 30 minutes of focus of doing stuff one after another to keep me going. Many times it ends up after few rounds of repeating this cycle and I am back on truck forgetting about that force or whatever it is that slows me down. So, me, today routine into place. Now is time to finish this post in 30 minutes and then continue with my journey. If you have day like this, please, continue, force yourself to do whatever needs to be done. It is so important. We can’t stop. No matter what. We need to keep going. Advantage of that day comes on good days. Recalling what we could do during our worse day we start to feel really powerful on days when we feel great. So, no complaining today. Just jobs to be done in 30 minutes cycles. Some of course will need few of those to have task to be completed. But it is doable and if it is doable it must be done. So. let’s go to it. My plan for my piano journey for today is again playing with my both apps Piano Marvel (discount code: jw)and playgroundsessions.com:

  • as usually warm up with scales, quick reminder of F minor and F major and I am moving back a bit to repeat C major today as well,
  • further warm up with my Canon in C playing it with slow tempo first and few more times with faster tempo till I reach right tempo for this piece,
  • quick brake to refocus and starting with 3 times playing my last pieces I learnt: The Last Rose and A lonely walk,
  • now I am ready to work on my technique exercises covering: Boom Chuck Accompaniment (repeating) and Rolled Chords Accompaniment (repeating) and Alberti Bass Accompaniment (new exercise I started to work on and needs further practice),
  • again I am going to play Canon in C, but this time I am practising part where I do the most mistakes, it is somewhere in the middle and thanks to practice section of my app it is easy to find it and play few times changing tempo if necessary going from 75 to full tempo 90 and maybe over it. I will end that part of my session trying to play full Canon in C piece few times extra focusing on the parts that brings me a bit of trouble,
  • If there is time left, like I mentioned it is not the easiest day for me, I will switch apps and go to playgroundsessions to learn that new piece of music I purchased there: “Falling Slowly and keep going till I reach one day end of chopped material and will be able to start practising full piece. Looking forward to it. Probably will not happen today though, but soon, I am getting there with continuous practice :),
  • at the end I will kiss my piano for good by 🙂 Not really but almost 🙂

OK. Plan: DONE. Quote(s) I love to read to motivate myself if necessary for few minutes: DONE, last thing is to prepare piece of music for next day morning. Great routine I developed for myself. Funny thing with those routines is that it doesn’t have to work as good as it works for me, maybe you need something different, meditation (which I actually do as well), maybe playing in the morning already, maybe running etc. Whatever works for you is worth doing. Just to start the day full of enthusiasm.

Back to piece for tomorrow morning, below it is for me and you as well if you like to have it ready for the morning again Ludovico Einaudi but this time piece called: Nuvole Bianche, enjoy:

You see, when we will keep practising daily one day we will be able to play those pieces, sound like that – great thing to look forward to, great stuff to think about!

Have a wonderful day! Keep going!

Take care.