What a Wonderful World – 12 months with Piano Marvel

What a Wonderful World ๐Ÿ™‚

Quick few facts:

Music piece learnt: What a wonderful world โ€“ PianoMarvelย โ€“ level 5

Myย PianoMarvelย level: I just finished level 4 with my app. I still work on exercises from level 4 though.

Myย PianoMarvelย Level while learning this piece: Part E on level 4.

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Below you can find pictures with my recent level on Piano Marvel, as a proof that what I am writing is actually true ๐Ÿ™‚

My Method and Technique level I am practising now:

My Piano Marvle practice status

Now we have July already. Time goes fast indeed. In the video below you can hear and see what I am working on right now. As usually this piece needs loads of polishing. This time I challenged a little bit myself by choosing piece of music from one level higher then I was already in. Now, I am starting my level 5. Song is as well from level 5. I believe that me playing it will improve while I progress with my program with Piano Marvel. But what happened during practicing:

First was cracking down all fingering for that piece of music. I had to spend some time to actually figure out how to play this song. Hands position based what I play and what comes next. It is great exercise. I have noticed that learning scales helped. I guess learning chords will even improve that process significantly. This happens now in my piano journey. I am learning a bit now about chords, chords progression, inverted chords and all related. It is still big puzzle to me but day by day I understand more and I try to use it to improve my skills. It is a journey for me, and step by step I know I am slightly better. Not good enough yet though.

Piece by piece I was working on fingering for that song. Following song learning plan from my app. Some parts were more difficult then others. Anyway it was quite a lesson. Slow is a key word as usually. Starting slow, and speeding up a little once I felt quite comfortable with some part of this piece of music. Then at one day it was time to put together all the blocks and then another thing happens. Mistakes occur when you have to join those little parts of the song/piece of music you actually can play quite well. At this time I focus a bit to make this process as easy as possible… and again slowing down helps a lot. Just playing it slooooooowly and actually letting brain comprehend all new information helps. It doesn’t take that long actually to be able to play all at one time together. But this process in my case must occur.

Once I know the whole piece of music I am learning I enjoy it even more! Now it is time to work on speed, accuracy, sound. I am still struggling with all that parts. But I feel that day by day, week by week I am improving slightly. Maybe it is not the progress I would like to see, but there is still the progress. It is enough for me to keep going. Maybe one day I will have more time to do it faster by spending even more time by my piano. Time is the key. Focus is the key. Frequency of practice is a key. There are loads of keys actually ๐Ÿ™‚ But most important is having fun. That is why choice of right piece of music is quite crucial. I have a lot of exercises to learn and to master. Many of them are not that exiting like music we chose to play. So, to keep having fun, we need to have something that actually will give us fun and yet, we, I believe shouldn’t stretch too much beyond our skill level to avoid frustration, but stretch a little to enjoy what we are playing. That is why first months of playing were quite difficult. I had not big choice of music I liked to play, now being on level 5 with my piano app (Piano Marvel) I have bigger choice. Great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok. I don’t want to bore you to death, so with no more ado, my status of playing after next month in video below.

I hope you enjoyed it even just a little. I hope you will keep going into direction of your musical goals. Have fun every day you play. I will be there with you with my thoughts and me actually playing as well.

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All the best to you and keep practising โ€“ reward for doing it is on its way ๐Ÿ™‚ You can’t miss it… you will feel it with whole body ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care.