Wednesday full of changes…

First of all, I hope you are in great mood for music to be played by no one else but YOU. We want to play, right. No better way than just do it. DO IT TODAY and every day since today 🙂

There is time for a bit of adjustment in my piano journey. You got message that I am moving here only, well mostly, to record that journal of piano practice challenge. Simply I want to save as much time for piano practice. I will monthly probably post something here and there just to let you know if you are not going to stay here with me. I hope though you will be playing hard, day by day to master your piano or any instrument you like to play. So, stayed tuned here for more to come on daily basis and I hope we together one day will be proud of what we can do with our instruments and play some wonderful. There will be of course few other adjustments in my actions I will share it with you all of this here so stay tuned 🙂

All right, I can proudly say that my today’s session is almost finished. It started badly but once hands warmed up a bit I achieved what I wanted today. Below what I did actually:

As usually I use my Piano Marvel software to learn to play… (use jw – discount code if you like to try it and get it cheaper).

MY PLAN FOR TODAY – 90% accomplished 🙂

  • warm up with Canon C with slow tempo.
  • warm up with piece I know already but needs improvements: The Last Rose and A lonely walk (those are links to my yt channel)
  • after warm up I did my Canon C practice. Had to slow down a bit to make a progress. It worked! Now I am able to play it with right tempo. Time to work on it even more! It doesn’t sound good yet.
  • finished with learning very slowly my Boom Chuck Accompaniment exercise – again, I am able to play it, but to mastery is far road yet. I guess now it will become part of my warm up for some time 🙂
  • Finally at the end I played Canon C again few times and mentioned pieces above.
  • In the evening I will play a bit more trying out this new app which also looks great and trying to learn song which I purchased there, will see how it goes. (this software is:

All right, back to my other projects, but before I will share again what I listened as part of my morning routine seconds after I woke up:

All right, that is all for now. Stay tuned. Practice today. Move one step forward toward your dreams no matter what it is. Action! That is a key. Learn, observe, adjust!

Have a great day with music you play/learn to play!

Take care.