“The Last Rose” – 15 months with Piano Marvel

Another month with my piano and my app Piano Marvel. To be hones I don’t know where I would be with my piano journey if I wouldn’t use that app. It keeps me going. I am exploring level 5th of my piano app.

This month was quite busy and I did not have as much time to play as I would like. Funny thing is more you play, more you are attached to piano and if I don’t spend at least one hour a day playing I feel something is missing. Happened occasionally this month. Not always what we plan is doable. I try anyway though. Always, I plan ca. 2 hrs for my practice, not always as I mentioned I am able to follow that plan.

This piece of music gave me a little bit of struggle but as well pointed out my week points I need to work on. I need to work with quite thick fingers and sometimes it is hard to play some notes but is doable. Practice destroys most of difficulties.  So, I practice. I don’t look back. I practice with what I have and looking forward to get better each single day. Sometimes to improve takes few days of practice to see that improvement. Sometimes things come quite easily and that builds up the enthusiasm. Most important I think is to play, play, play every single day.

This piece of music as you can see needs still a lot of practice. This is simply where I am at the beginning of the month. I try to post new video each month at the beginning of it. So, here it is. Though, it is not perfect performance, it gives a chance to enjoy piano, and play something that starts to sound better, is a bit longer. Not like pieces I used to play at very beginning when it was less then one minute of simple notes. It was hard at that time for me though. Now I look back and I am happy that I stayed on that journey. I am more then sure I will continue it.

Piano gives so much pleasure. Piano teaches focus. Piano relaxes me. Piano simply makes my days better. So, I am glad that I found that app (Piano Marvel) that suits me and is quite cheap to keep me going to the place I want to be one day. I truly recommend playing not only piano, but any other instrument if that is your choice. No matter how good we are, time spend with music is so precious that I regret I did not start to practice earlier.  Better later then never, though. If you think about playing and you are thinking that maybe it is not for you, I can tell you right here, don’t try it. Just do it. Commit and practice. One day if not from starting point it will become passion. It happened to me and it made my life more filled with joy and happiness.

If you like to try app I use, use this link to get discount or even try it for free: Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel review you can find here: review

Below is my piece of music I work on right now… enjoy watching:

I wish you all the best.

Till next time. Take care.