Starting point – 1st of July 2018

Hi, this is first post where it needs to be clarified and stated clearly what is the starting point.
How much I have been practicing so far?

  • I bought my piano from second hand on July 2016.
  • I spend till today 28/06/2018 more or less 300 hours learning from different sources like YouTube tutorials, books, DVD’s and all I could find online on internet. Basically I was just jumping around from one source to another not sticking to anyone in particular. (very bad approach). It is much better to stick with one source and then when you use it to its maximum change possibly more suitable for your piano playing level.
  • for almost two months now I am using software/application Piano Marvel (description in Discount Code section) and I am going follow it for next months to come till I finish all levels and lessons they have to improve my piano skills. Right now I can say it works fine for me. I spend playing these lessons more or less 1hour a day with occasional day or two gaps that occurred very seldom.
  • I can play, not very well, few piano pieces what you can see on the video. You can see there I am really close to beginning of my piano journey.
  • Below is my Piano Marvel dashboard picture, so you can see I am doing my level 3 now. Believe me, road to the level 3 is quite easy, now I can feel that I am learning more. I need to stay on each lesson more than before. Mostly because I did some playing with You Tube videos, so this way or another I developed some basic skills and to reach level 3 wasn’t challenging so much but I have learnt there to read the notes better – this is huge advantage for me I take from Piano Marvel application/software.

This is it. So, as you can see I haven’t developed great piano skills yet, but by running this journal you can see how consistency in practice day after day may improve your skills to play piano and I believe not only piano.

Let’s have fun and learn from now on every day between 1-2hours a day.

My starting point video on my You Tube Channel – Piano Practice Challenge

Goals for next week practice:

  • practice 1 to 2 hours a day,
  • learn one song on the level 3B which I just  finished using Piano Marvel,
  • record my progress on the video and share it with you.

All right, lets keep it as short as possible. I’ll see in a month, where I will share some insides from my practice experience  🙂