Starting over again

Piano practice journal quote

New week, new energy to make a bit of progress. Just to make sure it will be good start, quote that might empower us:

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

– Confucius

Same story as usually. To get better, we need to play. Best is to have sort of plan to follow. I do it daily for that particular goal, because it is easier to adjust it during each day to this what happens during each session. Learning to play piano or any other instrument it is not a race. One sessions goes easy the other one with more struggle. One thing is certain. When we play, with each minute spend with our piano we get better and better, though sometimes it feels like we actually getting worse. It is just impression. Many times before improvement moments of worse performance occur. Happens. Just personal experience, not only with piano challenge. Anyway, let’s make a statement: I will play today at least 1 hour of my instrument and learn something new. Saying that, let’s quickly prepare plan to follow. You do yours, I do mine (below):

Here is my plan for today:

  • warm up with Scales exercises (2 octaves scales, chords, arpeggios) from my Piano Marvel  app waiting for me to play them: C, F, G major, C, F, G minor,
  • further warm up by playing and partly practising my: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment,
  • switching apps and now it is time to practice “Falling Slowly” in playgroundsessions,
  • switching apps back to practice Canon in C.

It looks like not much, but I know already it should take me between 1,5-2 hours. That is all time I have left today for my piano.

All right, now let’s prepare piece of music to get up with tomorrow. I love that routine. Try it for some time and you will be amazed how differently you get up and start your day comparing to what you did before simply by jumping into daily schedule and automatic routines we all do when we get up.

Piece for tomorrow morning:

That is all. Have a great practice session, have fun… and have a great day.

Take care.