Six months from starting point

One month since last post.

Few facts:

Music piece learnt: Prelude in C Major (PianoMarvel Level 4)

My PianoMarvel level: just finished level 3

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: 4th part of level 3.

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Many good things happened last month, but I will focus on my piano challenge. Well, after my life changes, which I mentioned on my previous post, it looks like everything works better. I finally managed to practice between one and half to two hours daily. I skipped few days though, due to Christmas season and New Year celebration – you know how it is during that time. Apart of that I kept practicing and results you can see on the video below. It is not final performance, I still need to practice a lot on this piece but this is where I am after this month of practice. See the video and read further below video.

I chose this piece because I kind of like it. It kept me practising but I came to conclusion, and it works for me well, that I need to focus on actual level I am and not go further when choosing music to learn to play. Why? Well, on one hand is challenging and improves my skills while learning new more advanced material but on the other hand I struggle a lot which makes progress more slow. When I follow PianoMarvel program I find that at some point come exercises, when mastered, make to play some part of difficult material much easier. So, that is why I decided to focus on practising and following the program and play songs from actual level, so I don’t struggle but improve and master more quickly what I actually know right now. This way, I figured, I will reach level where I can find loads of great music much faster. My point here is:

Learn new skills and practice on appropriate level of material.

I know that there is huge temptation to skip levels and learn harder songs but believe me, once you have proper skills it is very easy to learn new material. That is why I decided to keep practising the program designed by creators of PianoMarvel, to reach my goals faster and less struggle. I share that experience with you so you can actually test it on yourself. I am not saying that this is perfect and you should definitely do it. Have that in mind, observe your skills improvement with what you do and decide what is best for you.

Plan for next month is to practice my level 4 lessons from the PianoMarvel and on the way learn one or two new music material while practising and developing what I have already learnt.

So that is all for now. I go back to practice again for next month and will publish next post at the end of January or beginning of February. You too, keep practising, in my case that is the key to success.

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I wish you all the best for this year. It just started and I hope you will achieve a lot and make some of your dreams come true.


Take care,