Seven months since starting point

Few facts:

Music piece learnt: “Gone away” – PianoMarvel – level 4

My PianoMarvel level: just finished level 3 and practicing level 4 exercises

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: 1st part of level 4.

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I haven’t finished yet learning this piece of music. On the video you can see where I am right now. I can tell that my piano skills are improving day by day. I am able to play more advanced songs, but I have to honestly say that I am more focused on practicing my exercises from PianoMarvel right now, more then learning new pieces practiced to the level to perform them. I found on PianoMarvel library with songs, that songs which I am quite exited about are on the level 5+. That is why I am more focused on exercises to practice and develop my piano skills to reach that level as soon as possible to have set of skills that will allow me to learn more easily songs that I will start practicing to the level when there is no shame to play them to friends, family and most important for my own pleasure 🙂

Below the piece “Gone away” which I am talking about, which like mentioned above needs some work 🙂

But coming back to this piece. There are few things to practice… which I was dreaming about few months back. First is broken notes for my left hand. I can do them right now. Not perfectly but I’ve noticed progress here. Change of tempo is possible there in this song too to practice… which may not be noticeable on the video, but I am practicing it with this song now. Loudness of the keys played is another thing I am practicing with this song. I hope you know what I mean. It is not easy to control that for me. I found that once you know the song really… REALLY well, then it is much easier to focus on those additional things that make music sound better. So, after some time I probably, NO! Not probably, I will be able to make this song sound great, even though it is not so advanced and sophisticated song, yet.

That is why I like PianoMarvel so much. It lets me practice with what I know already some songs and as well new skills, which I develop going forward with the designed programm on the application. I have to tell you, that I follow it strictly and my skills are improving. You will see in incoming videos. Further more, somehow without even explanation I discover new things that can be done better. I guess my music sense is developing slowly. Sometimes I feel like a child who got a surprise gift, when I notice that something is doable for me even though few weeks back looked like undoable. Great stuff. I must tell you.

Another thing is that somehow I finally managed to develop discipline to practice everyday for 1.5-2 hours a day. It happens sometimes that I can’t but this is one or two days a month. The only brake I took it was when I went for my holliday 🙂 Almost two weeks without a piano! I missed it on my holliday brake.

So, I truly recommend you, to practice every day till the moment when it will became a habit. It happened to me. Now I can’t imagine my day without my piano. I wish you to reach that level of commitment as well. It is worth it to push yourself even though you don’t see significant progress. It will happen, and it will surprise you… and then you feel like a child. Wonderful feeling. At that moment you want to practice even MORE.

If you want to learn with PianoMarvel like me, I can truly recommend that application, it works miracles for me. Below you can find discount code which will give you ca. 20% discount for your subscription with them.

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I wish you strength and commitment to practice your piano skills. I hope for you and me that one day we will be able to play easily piano for our own pleasure and anybody who will listen to us playing. Honestly, I am not there yet 🙂 All the best.