Scale Bb and easy pieces in scale Bb – 11 months gone already

Two pieces in Scale Bb

Quick few facts:

Music piece learnt: Two pieces from Method area in – PianoMarvel – level 4

My PianoMarvel level: I am practising level 4 exercises part E like on the pictures below.

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: Part E on level 4.

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Below you can find pictures with my recent level on Piano Marvel, as a proof that what I am writing is actually true 🙂

My Method and Technique level I am practising now:

Piano Marvel softwarePiano Marvel software

May was quite busy and interesting month for me. I had some obstacles to practice my piano skills. Those obstacles were quite pleasant though, visiting my parents and not having access to piano that is what they were. I can’t tell that I did not enjoyed that time, but I was missing my piano anyway. During my time at my parents I had to use weird ways to practice. One of them was practising on my sheet piano which I had from one of the books I had on my shelf. So, I was practising there scales just hitting those flat keys on my sheet piano. I honestly have to say it is not the best way of doing things. So, I completely don’t recommend it. When I was back at my piano I felt weird for some time, but soon enough it came back. I can’t regret it completely though, because I kept going into direction to make my dream of playing well piano alive.

Second, weird thing I did, I was practising piano in my mind. Kind of meditation but instead calming myself or saying some mantras I was imagining playing pieces that I know already. It was quite an experience. I don’t know how well it worked, because I actually have no idea how possibly I could check the results. I heard somewhere that this kind of thing was done with people and piano and it worked well. I am pretty sure it was mentioned by Joe Dispenza, D.C. on one of his videos on youtube. Anyway, that part of studying piano while I did not have access to it was again quite an experience.

Later on I found that my parents had really old keys, so I continue practising with those keys. Picture below. But the sound was horrible. I think that piece is actually like 30 years old. Not proper piano. But instead of sitting and doing nothing, I decided to work with what I have. Just to be closer even half step to my dream.

My new piano :)

Even later I visited my brother, to my surprise he’s got piano. But… it was completely out of tune. I think it is older then 50. Hard to say, I actually have little knowledge about pianos to asses that. Anyway I played a little on this out of tune piano, but it was like somebody would try to take out my guts through my mouth. Pain to my ears. Which actually was quite all right because I actually could tell it was out of tune. Again, to be honest, it wasn’t that difficult. So maybe I am too excited about that. But I look on the bright side and want to believe that my hearing slightly improved thanks to playing piano. Picture of that piano below.

Old new piano

So, beginning and end of May I spent practising on my piano. Mostly scales and quite short pieces of music from my PianoMarvel program. I am focusing on scales now, because I have noticed improvement in my skills thanks to practising them. So, my goal is to follow program and it is focusing on scales right now, so I am doing that. Mastering them is quite challenging but those short music pieces make the process more enjoyable. I try to find ways to make my scales practise as easy as possible. This is the process though. I know however and this gives me great kick to do it, that it makes me better at the piano and it pushes me closer to my goal to play more advanced music.

So without extending this post too much below is the video of just two pieces in scale Bb I am practising together with other scales I know already. Of course they need polishing a bit or maybe even a lot, but you can see that while learning scales you are able to play some simple music as well. Actually it is not simple in some ways, while practising them I learned as well or improved my ability to play broken chords, chords and in general I think I developed a bit better understanding of how to move around my keyboard. It is not easy sometimes since I learn on my own using only my app, but I support myself with youtube videos, where I can see others playing well, and I try to copy what they are doing. But for me it is very important that I have program to follow. And I have it 🙂

So, with no further ado enjoy watching and judge by yourself what is there:

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All the best to you and keep practising – reward for doing it is on its way 🙂 You will not miss it once is there 🙂

Take care.