New morning full of hope



It is repetitive action. We get up, we plan, we practice, we go sleep and we start over next day. By doing so we learn each day a bit what we do right what we do wrong. We can correct our actions faster. It is not always that we do everything right but by doing we have chance to figure that out faster. Sometimes it doesn’t come to us so quickly but at some point we reach hard bottom and nothing changes. That is the moment when we should realise something is going wrong. We should look closer what we do and how we do it. Sometimes small change will put us back on the right track. I share it with you because something like that happened to me with my other project not piano luckily though I don’t say I do everything right on my piano journey. Anyway, most important is to keep going.

Yesterday I did my plan but with a bit of struggle. So, I repeat it again. Basically I will do almost the same thing today with small difference, today I will be a bit better then yesterday, right? Practice brings progress. So, with no further ado, my plan for today:

  • warm up with technique exercises from my app Piano Marvel (scales, chords, arpeggios Fmajor, Fminor plus scales from previous time I G minor and G major allย  based on what I have been learning for last couple of weeks),
  • warm up and partly training already with piece I managed to play from the beginning with minor mistakes Canon in C ca. 5 times starting from 65 and increasing by 5 till I get to the point when I finished yesterday which is 80.
  • quick brake for fun playing two last pieces I learnt and play them that they sound even better then now, and they can. I know that!
  • back to technique section and working on my next exercise on the program I follow: Boom Chuck Accompaniment – gives me a bit of trouble, but improves slowly.
  • again back to my Canon in C, improved it from last time I played it from 75 to 80 tempo and there is still loads to improve. Practising it will do it.
  • if there is some time left, I am going to test new app as well, I already have an account and I hope it will bring a bit of different approach than I did for several months. I am going to test and use, it has good reviews so, let’s dive into it:

Now this what gives a good start in the morning. First thing I do at all during my new start up routine. A piece of music. Yesterday in the evening I got ready to listen this piece of music, enjoy:

All right, practice hard today, let’t get better then yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care.