New month, new day

My quote for today

Isn’t it beautiful that we again have chance to make this new day special? Let’s start as usually with some quote to help us with that thought make this day count. Today’s quote is:

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”

– Mark Twain

Though it is Friday and week comes to the end we are in the position when we start new month. Let’s look it at this as a chance to make things happen for us. Let’s focus on being great again as we can be. We need to take action again towards our goals, make those dreams come true, make our hearts beat faster and move forward. One step today or maybe few. We build our future on daily basis, we don’t hesitate to take hard actions, complete those difficult tasks that brings us closer to our goals. Let’s use this Friday wisely and let’s practice again those skills that wait for us to be trained.

Before that we need a short plan, maybe just in your mind, maybe on paper. I put it mine here, I like to have it written, first for myself to follow, secondly for you to steal ideas, and maybe to do yours and follow. It works for me most of the time once I have my plan written. If I don’t sometimes I find myself lost in tasks of a day and loose too much time wondering what to do next. Once plan is in place I reduce to minimum those moments of doing nothing. So, let’s plan now, my plan for today’s practice that will happen in the afternoon:

  • starting with warm up in my app Piano Marvel.  There are few exercises that serve me well as warm up and also at the same time I practice them over and over again and those are: scales, chords and arpeggios: C, F, G minor and major and just 2 octaves scale in E minor plus my  Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment.
  • now when my fingers are on fire I am ready to practice this Canon in C – still not good enough, still needs practice, so I am doing it, though I am a bit bored with it already but I know it must be done.
  • switching apps and starting now with  “Falling Slowly” in my  playgroundsessions app. That will be end of my session, unless there is some time left. In that case…
  • just in case one more practice exercise from technique section where I will work on chords from my new scale I practice E minor.

All right, my plan is ready. Create yours. It takes just few minutes but does amazing things. It actually helps and makes you practice. It wasn’t like that at the beginning I must admit. I was doing my plans not here but on paper and many times I did not follow till the moment I had enough of writing and not following so, simply I started to follow. Maybe it will happen to you, maybe not, I just share what may happen based on my own experience.

Last thing here is to be ready again for next morning with music. This routine I love the most. It is great to wake up and listen to some piece of music you like. Best is to be instrumental, no words in it. For me at least. Try it. Maybe it will work for you as well. If you don’t have time to chose anything, use my choice for tomorrow. Simply open this blog post, hit play and enjoy your morning wake up moments still in bed listening to this piece of music:

As good bye I wish you great practice today. If you practice on daily basis you know it is worth it to do it. You probably feel improvements. You should be proud. Day by day we, you and I are closer to whatever goals we have. Daily action will bring miracles for us. Be patient, continue your journey and results will impress you over time, when one day you will look back where you were few months back.

Have a great day, full of joy and fun and great results of your work 🙂

Take care.