New day started with…

What is the best way to wake up and start your day? To start with all small things we need to do every day, or eat first, or maybe plan what needs to be done? I started recently just after waking up to listen what I am learning now on my piano journey. That piece of material that needs to be mastered. I got it ready day before, so I can stay a bit longer in bed with my eyes closed and tune it for what is about to come. There are plenty tasks to perform, job to be done – we need to eat and pay the bills, right? Money has to be earned. But this morning routine tunes me for my later piano session. This way of starting my day does that I can’t wait to sit and play. Those minutes of practice ring in my head and whatever I plan to do must work that way that there will be time for practice. This way I can’t miss it. It has to be done.

So, for today my plan is to play around 6 p.m. for about two hours and includes:

  • warm up – playing those notes I know how to play just to start the fun and be ready for something new,
  • a bit of repetition – today I will play again what I have practised days before (scales, chords, arpeggios in F minor and F major scales) – this is not giving much fun but I think it is crucial in my piano journey,
  • next is time for practising new piece of music which is again fun part, this time I practice Canon in C – developing new skills and practising what I practice in technique section of my app (Piano Marvel)
  • … and next to play again few times some pieces of music I know already to play to develop better sound, to experiment a bit with my piano as well, this is for sure fun part :),
  • lastly a bit of technique again, new exercise or continue with what I started day before.

That is it for today. I have it written and now I know more or less how much fun/work it has to be done when I sit to my piano. I truly recommend having some sort of plan in your head or in writing. Somehow when we put some things in writing we are more likely to follow. Try it. Maybe it will work for you.

Ok. Time to start or rather continue with all the things that must be done today and save as much as possible for piano practice. So, let’s dream a bit for a few minutes and be even more motivated to take another step to maybe play one day piece like this, though it sounds impossible to play today, but who knows what will happen with years of practice, right?

Enjoy this music and most of all enjoy your music šŸ™‚

Take care and have a great day.