New day, new start

Quote for today

Let’s dream a bit before we start today’s session. As usually quote to start day from high “C” and follow our plan for today and dream we have in our mind.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.
– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Let’s be powerful today. With all dreams we have in mind. Let’s take a moment and dream but after that moment of visualising our dream we must help our dream to come true. Hard work, perseverance and taking action towards those dreams of ours is increasing our chances to live our dream. Let’s be crystal clear what we want and create quick plan for today to go there, and next plan for tomorrow ans so on… On the other hand knowing what we want and going there actually is living a dream. We travel through obstacles and moments of victory to some goal, but getting there actually makes that journey interesting. After all we are doing what we love. We are getting better each day and one day we achieve what we wanted but we don’t stop there, right? We continue with setting even bigger goals, and still we are on the journey and we are actually in our dream world. To get there for me means practice again today, and I will follow this plan for today. Create yours and simply DO IT.

My plan:

  • First warming up as usually for me with my app Piano Marvel.  I will be warming up with those scales, chords and arpeggios I practised recently: C, F, G, E minor and few times playing my new scale A minor plus my  Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment.
  • Second part is playing new piece from my Method section in Piano Marvel, and it is “7902 Hilton Place” – starting very slowly and practising chopped sections of the song with left hand, right hand and then later both at the same time,
  • I know that two parts of my practice will consume a lot of time, so with all time I have left I will practice my Canon in C – full speed.
  • I think no time for my  playgroundsessions app. and practising new piece called:  “Falling Slowly”. Maybe in the evening just for few minutes :).

That plan covers my time I have today for my piano. Do whatever it takes to find time for you instrument and play, learn and have loads of fun.

Last thing here for me and you if you like to wake up in the morning with some piece of music is to have one ready for us. Just here, below. First thing in the morning listen to this piece or if you like find your own, have it ready so you can wake up and set your mind into music straight away. It is few minutes of listening, and takes you up because we know how hard sometimes is to find time for our practice. This way we don’t want to waste any minute. My piece for tomorrow is:

Dream big. Work hard. Enjoy the process. Everybody who became great was at some point where you/we are. Daily practice, daily routines and time spend playing will help to get us there where we want.

Play, have fun, enjoy your music.

Take care.