Middle of the week…

What a wonderful day to play again. It is middle of the week. Three days past, three days to go plus today. Let’s use this Thursday as well as possible, let’s use time we have today to improve again a bit our skills, polish those pieces we can play a bit, learn something new if it is part of our plan. We might be tired, we might be frustrated with some exercises, we might not see the light in the tunnel yet but…

… one day you will thank yourself, your future yourself for what you did today. It is part of our journey, go further and further even we are exhausted from what we need to go through today. But one day we look back and we will see that it was absolutely necessary to get there were we are. And then we will be proud that we went through obstacles and tiredness.

So, here we are. Today must be a day when we move forwards. Let’s! My plan for today is again use my app and program designed there for me and you if you like to try it (Piano Marvel):

  • warm up with Canon C (piece I am learning with my PianoMarvel software,
  • further warm up by repeating what I learnt yesterday in technique section: Boom Chuck Accompaniment exercise,
  • practising again Canon C to play it easily in the right tempo which is 90,
  • starting new exercises slowly in technique section of my app, and this time it will be: Rolled chord accompaniment, we will see how it goes,
  • for the end I will play a bit of pieces I know how to play just to have a bit of fun at near end,
  • further tests of new app I registered on: playgroundsessions.com

That is my plan. Create yours and follow. Or simply start playing. I need my plan in writing, I mentioned it few times in previous posts. It works for me, so I am not changing it at all for now.

Now it is time for what I listened to during my morning routine. I have made as well small adjustment here. I listened to what I posted yesterday. This way it is just few clicks to get there and it is just waiting for me in the morning, to start my day without thinking about all I need to do today, or starting the day with challenges from yesterday etc. This way I start my day with beauty of music. Below it is what I will actually listen to tomorrow. This is piece of music that will wake me up… I love that part of my morning routine. Music starts ca. after 40 seconds of video:

All right that is me for today and partly tomorrow 🙂 Do your plan, sit and play, be better then yesterday, be better then the moment you sat and started playing.

Have a great day.

Take care.