Memories – piece that needs more practice :)

I am back after quite a break with posting here on blog. You know how it is, loads of other things to do – Life! Let’s actually do something here, though.

This piece of music is again from my Piano Marvel app, level 5E in Method section. FAILURE at first. Yes, you are right I will not hide anything from you. From videos below you can see that this was complete failure. First attempt after mastering the piece was robot like play and then after few suggestions from a fellow pianist I did complete FAILURE! Completely misunderstood the suggestions… but still it was worth it to fell. That is how we learn, right? The only thing after failure is ACTION, we need to keep moving, smarter and use the lesson we got. So, below it is what happened, Soon I will upload hopefully better version of that piece which I really like to play decently one day, and I hope you will too 🙂

So, enjoy watching and if you like to play and have decent program to follow I recommend you app I am using now:

Time for a bit of music NOW 🙂

“Memories” – Learnt with  Piano Marvel  – enjoy watching – First video

“Memories” – Learnt with  Piano Marvel  – enjoy watching – Second video – FAILURE

OK. That is all for now. At some point with separate post I will update you with better performance! It is a promise 🙂