May 29, 2019

It becomes a habit to write this daily morning post and kind of promise to do what I write here.

I really recommend you to start a journal. Once something is put in writing we are more likely to do. I read that somewhere long time ago, never used it though for my advantage, but now I am experiencing it and sharing with you. So, whatever you do in your life, whatever you want to accomplish, use this easy to do trick and make yourself to do things. But here we are in the subject of piano practice. Another thing happened yesterday, I read this phrase posted on piano forum (

Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.

I must admit in most of the cases with my practice I was acting like amateur and since I am far away from being professional pianist I can at least try to practice like one. So, since today I will put that attitude of practice in place. I will as well print that phrase on the wall, to remind me how to practice and keep going. Whatever it takes, whatever helps must be done, will be done. So, if you have anything in your mind that you think will help you keep practicing, do it. Even it will work for some time. It is worth it. When it stops working for you, change it into something that will keep you going, keep you practicing, keep you becoming better with your piano skills or whatever you do in life.

So to finish, as usually my practice plan for today:

30min scales practice.

60+ practising with my app (pianomarvel) new things and repeating till I can’t make mistake based on what I wrote above.

30+ practising pieces I know and learning new piece as well slowly just to have fun.

If there will be a little bit of time I will as well improvise a little bit. It is fun, but sometimes there is not enough time to do it every day.

What is your practice plan? Put it in writing. Believe me, after some time you develop attitude that you can’t let it be just in writing. You will want to do it. It works for me, I believe it will work for you as well.

See you tomorrow, with another day planned to be better then yesterday 🙂