May 28, 2019

This is one of the days that once you wake up they start not the way you planned them in the evening.

A little of unexpected tasks that interfere with planned routine. And I am talking here about piano routine of course. So, my morning scales practice had to be moved to be done later during a day, and actually it will be done in the moments, as soon as I finish this post. I share it for just one purpose, to encourage you and me as well to whatever happens stick to your plan. It can be done later but must be done! We are in the business to play piano well, so to do it we need to practice. No matter what, but what is planned for a day must be done during a day. So, now, when I adjusted my plan for my day, I know what to do. I guess you have in your life same difficulties sometimes. Like mantra we need to repeat to ourselves: practice, practice, practice that is the only way to make progress. So, lets practice today even though it is slightly different then it was planned it is time to state what I will do and to keep my word I need to do it.

So today as usually:

30 min scales practice – mastering what I know how to play already and working on another scale Eb 🙂

60 min practice with my app (pianomarvel) and few pieces in scale Bb which I will record as promised at the beginning of the month. June in this case. 🙂

30+ minutes my fun session when I practice by playing pieces I know already and trying to work with that what is most important in music: heart! Putting some heart touch it is not easy, it is another skill that needs to be developed by paying attention to it. That is why I have this practice session in place. I really recommend you to have it. It is a lot of fun, and when something happens and you can sense the difference in your music delivery it gives a lot of joy. That what it is all about actually. Right? To have fun and joy of playing piano.

So, to finish this post, I wish you all the best for today, stay focused on your goals and do whatever it takes to stay on the right track. Take care 🙂