May 27, 2019


Repeated action is the key. I woke up with that thought. Literally. What it means for us? Well, for us that repeated action is to practice every day. It seems sometimes that and this is my experience, maybe yours too, that even practicing I feel no improvement but then it happens. It is easier after some time to comprehend new knowledge, master new skill. So, I encourage you to put an effort and sit in front of the piano and overcome the laziness that may come and it comes to all of us and push yourself to do one more step, to spend another 15, 30, 60 minutes and practice. Only through commitment and daily routine it can be done. Why waste time and make brake and do again what we just did day before? Why not help ourselves to make that step forward by letting new skill sink into our blood and move forward. Funny thing with learning piano, and anything actually is that there is always something new to master, something new to learn. In other words this process of overcoming difficulty is repeating over and over again. Good thing is that when we do it over and over again things that seem difficult yesterday become easy to perform. New things which are difficult today will be easy tomorrow… on condition that we follow that path: practice, practice, practice.

So, my friends answer yourself what is your plan for today regarding your piano journey? Are you going to practice? Do it 🙂 I will.

And here comes my plan for today:

ca. 30 min morning practice: scales practice (though it sounds boring, I kind of enjoy it already 🙂 )

afternoon practice. ca. 60 min: new skills development with my app PianoMarvel – I simply follow the program which is prepared there by smarter then me people.

evening session ca. 30-60min: I like this part the best, I play pieces I know already, I try… TRY some improvisation and to be honest I am really bad with it but it has to be done. Anyway it is fun.

Last thing I do, I simply am happy before I go to sleep being proud of what I did today to improve my piano skills. It helps to wake up in the morning and do everything over again. It wasn’t like that at the beginning, I guess it has to be developed by: practicing. So, lets PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE 🙂

Take care, till tomorrow.