May 26, 2019

Morning motivation is a great thing.

I don’t know how about you, but I like to read few quotes from internet and think about them and I try to adjust it to my current situation. I think about what needs to be done today, and force myself to overcome any obstacles I have during a day to make things happen. It is easier once you are motivated. Try it. It really works. Takes some time to train yourself to stay focus on your goal for a day and in long term for the ultimate goal. But it is worth it. So, today quote to keep us going with our piano practice and our piano related goals is:


With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Eleanor Roosevelt

So, lets practice, whatever you have to practice: scales, new piece of music, right hand, left hand, hands independence etc. With each key hit we become stronger. With each key hit we discover new things, new experience brings thoughts that may or will improve the way we practice. There is no secret that, though we are all build the same way, we are all slightly different with the way we learn. We need to be smart and by actually doing something find the way that will fit us. Take advantage of other people experience, try it, see it works for you. If yes? Implement. If not? Try another thing. But it needs to be done every single day.

Lets not rest till it is done. Done our way to bring to the world what is inside us, something beautiful and needed. Lets play, not tomorrow, but today 🙂

My plan for today is to continue with scales and then practice three easy (not that easy yet for me) pieces to practice the scale I am on which is Bb. All with my app I am using to improve my piano skills (PianoMarvel)

Good luck with your plan and your practice. Lets make this day count 🙂 Take care till tomorrow.