Let’s make this Friday unique

empowering quote

Quote first 🙂

As usually let’s start with some quote that will help us to empower ourselves to do what is in our mind and sometimes it just needs a bit of kick to actually take an effort and do it. Take a look on the picture and simply let it sink in you and after a moment of calming yourself start doing what it needs to be done. Just in case picture is not loading below it is for you:

Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

– Gillian Anderson

Let’s take action then. For me, and I truly recommend is to take a moment and plan my session. Once plan is in writing we are more likely to follow, we don’t spend time wondering around what to do next. It takes just few minutes, try it out this habit. I repeat it over and over, because it works miracles for me, I believe it will work as well for you. Once your plan is in place, do not stop till you do what is there. Actually having plan pushes me to stay with my piano longer sometimes than I intended to stay and play. Sometimes though it doesn’t work that way, life happens, right? But in long term planning brings more rewards then not doing it at all. Key is not to spend too much planning, and very important take ACTION to actually do what we planned to do. All right let’s create plan for today:

(as usually these days I use my Piano Marvel and playgroundsessions apps to practice my piano skills)

  • warm up with C major, C minor, F major, F minor and adding G major for today since I am more and more comfortable playing this warm up exercises in C and F,
  • further warm up again with Canon in C – slowly,
  • quick brake and fun part, just playing few pieces I know already 3 times each to catch that hunger to do hard work practising new things in a moment after this part of my session,
  • technique exercises, I have managed already to learn and play: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment. Now is time to learn new technique exercise from my app, but I play few times each of mentioned accompaniments to practice them further before I start something new. Again, now it brings more fun to play them and less effort, though full focus,
  • switching apps, and now is time to play that piece of music I am practising with my second app I am using. So, further practice with: “Falling Slowly” – after few days it gives more fun to play it, especially that there is nice guitar accompaniment to play along, great stuff,
  • last part for today will be again practising Canon in C, this piece gives me so much trouble so far, ufff… needs to be done anyway, I will not move further till it is done to certain level,
  • at the end if there is a bit of time left I will repeat third part of my practice at least once playing each piece. I think this will be good way to say: “I’ll see you tomorrow” to my piano :).

All right, that is it. That is my plan. It took ca. 10 minutes. Not much time lost, and at least now there is plan to follow. Great. Do yours and FOLLOW!

Next morning, Saturday’s morning:

As usually I have this piece of music here for me and you as well if you like to start your day with some music. I prefer to start day with that because then my mind goes into planning further actions regarding my piano journey instead challenges we all have in our lives. Great stuff again. So, for tomorrow I found this piece of music which is below. Listen if you like, or post under FB post what you listen or like to listen, I am glad to learn more from you.

All right, that is all for today. All planned, now is time to simply do it. Enjoy your practice session, enjoy music you play, be great!

Take care.