June 5, 2019

Living a dream it is not always a straight line…

Did you notice that living a dream is not always a straight line? It is not as we imagined it will be. It requires full attention to take as much as possible from it. In this case I will focus about my piano playing dream. So, of course there is main goal/dream to play quite advanced pieces of music that is a dream and goal at the same time. It took some time when I realized that I am actually living a dream playing piano, or learning how to play though the ultimate goal is not achieved yet. That approach removed few disappointing block in my mind. Realising that even I don’t get what I want yet (being able to play with ease) it is still living a dream. Why? Even those who can play beautifully have to practice, have to improve small bits, have to grow in music related world, have to find new challenges. Otherwise I believe they stuck in place and soon or later will stay behind those who will do that. But with us, those who learn, practice, grow, learning is that dream we live. It is so important, in my case, maybe in yours too, to apart being focused and hard practising to stay on the bright side… which means by all means possible do it with enthusiasm. For example finding fun in things like practising scales is not always easy… but what many people say it is required to be better pianist. So, how to find fun in there? I think everybody have to do it in ones own way. Me, I focus what it will give me in the future. I use in that case what was once said in the forum (talkclassical.com) and it helped me a lot:

Remember the magic number “one.” Today I will practice one scale, the major, in all 12 keys. Today I will play arpeggios in one key. I will play all major and minor keys one time. I will work on one piece.

There are other obstacles that once we live our dream try to take it from us like lack of time to practice, not best piano we play, not enough money, lack of proper knowledge what to do next, naysayers etc. Those may demotivate us, push us from the course but once we realize that even playing simple things or just starting we are on the journey of living a dream. Once we realize we live that dream we somehow develop strength to protect that dream and keep going. There is no obstacle that will push us away from that dream we live. We will crush each obstacle into pieces, one by one no matter how long it will take to keep that dream of ours alive. So back to me for a moment,

  • do I have perfect piano?  – no (but I have saving plan in place and day or rather month by month I am closer to have decent piano)
  • do I have enough time to play every day? – no (but I plan each day in the morning to make sure I find this time by prioritising what is most important for me. So not much TV anymore for example)
  • do I have enough knowledge about piano and music? – no (but day by day I am better and better though more I know, I realise how much I don’t know)
  •  do I have naysayers in my life? – yes and no (but I try to avoid them as much as possible and stay around people who are passionate about something… not necessarily piano related)

Ok. I will finish in a seconds. You know, scales practice is waiting for me before I start in good my day. So, Realising that we live that dream is very important I believe. I actually encourage you to look at this that way. Once you live your dream I hope you will gain unlimited power to protect that dream by finding your own ways to keep it alive.

Last word: Keep your dream by all means ALIVE and enjoy having it in your life. Having fun is one of the most important parts!

The end 🙂

Ok, my practice plan for today:

  • 30 min practice (scales with my app of course 🙂 Piano Marvel)
  • 60 min practice (I will actually work on next video for my blog, so I will practice new material a little and then work with what I have to make next video)
  • 30 min fun practice (playing what I know already and improvise… For this improvising I could use a teacher, this is where minutes spend with another well experienced human being would make a difference. But for now, I work with what I have )

That is all. Have great day and great time at the piano. Take care.