June 3, 2019

I start today’s post with a quote:

“I have found it advisable not to give too much heed to what people say when I am trying to accomplish something of consequence. Invariably they proclaim it can’t be done.”

  • Calvin Coolidge

Am I on the right course? Am I doing things right? Is that what I am doing leads me to accomplish my goal? That sort of questions were ringing in my head when I woke up. All due to discussion I had day before suggesting I am on wrong course or more I am using wrong resources. I was so focused on that, that I even went to work one hour earlier by mistake. I called my friend to say I might be late and he told me what I needed to hear. Wait a minute, it is still one hour earlier than you think it is. I was immediately back on the house to do my morning practice (scales practice). And that was great surprise that day started with. This was the beginning I was needed. I don’t know but all my mind goes around how to make my planned daily practice happen. Anyway, it was great gift: time… when it was needed and made my morning great! But back to what happened yesterday:

I was told that app I am using is without soul. Immediately it hit me with thinking am I doing something wrong. And for a little time I was convinced. I lost my impact of things I am doing with my piano journey for a moment. But later and actually today came reflection. I am using this app for almost year now, without using it I had piano for almost a year and did nothing. So, I have to admit that on one hand the person I talked with was right. Yes, software, any software has no soul, but it keeps me going. I wouldn’t be were I am with my piano skills if not using this app. Of course it is not the best solution. I believe learning from another human being, especially when that person knows what he or she is doing. There is no equal replacement for human teacher. No app can replace it. But like I mentioned, I wouldn’t be where I am if not using this app. So I will keep doing that whatever anybody says. It works for me. It pushes me forward. It leads me forward. Yes, I may do some mistakes on the way, learn bad habits (not really happy about this) but still, it is better, I think, then sitting and doing nothing.

Anyway I am grateful for the insides I received yesterday, maybe that was needed to improve my plan of mastering my piano skills. I am always open to hear what other people are saying, but It can’t cause to stop me. So, I shout to the world: thanks for an advice, I consider it, but I will keep going… with small adjustments maybe 🙂

Based on that conversation, I actually came into new thing that I will and if you use any app to learn your piano skills I consider quite practical. Due to fact that having face to face sessions with teacher may be costly, not everybody can afford it, why not going forward anyway. What I mean, and going to do, is keep practicing with sources I have (my app Piano Marvel) and have a teacher to meet from time to time (at least once in two weeks for the beginning) to check my progress and correct possible mistakes I do. It will not be extremely costly and will serve a purpose. So, if you are lacking budget to develop your skills you might think and put into action same plan. Just a thought. Once I will have it in place, I will share my experience with that obviously 🙂 Who knows maybe that new experience will convince me to play only with a teacher… will see 🙂

So lets go back to my plan for today, below is mine – don’t forget about yours:

30 min scales practice (with my app PianoMarvel)

60 min session with new material (also with my app PianoMarvel)

30 min session just for FUN with what I can play now and possibly trying to improvise a little 🙂

All the best to all of you, have a great practice day and most of all try to have FUN no matter the difficulties 🙂