June 2, 2019

What a beautiful day…

It is great to wake up and hear birds outside the window greeting you with their song of the morning. Nature somehow wakes up in the same way, full of energy to live another day. No matter the obstacles lets wake up the same way, and be happy that again we have chance to do something right even though it will be just one thing. Of course there will be more than one but lets focus on our piano journey. Lets practice to be better again then yesterday. Lets start our piano journey before all sort of challenges will wake up and push us away from our goal. Lets do morning practice to start day with some sort of accomplishment already. I love my morning routine with the piano and writing to you, for you because it makes me feel that something good was done today. Do you have anything like that in your life. I have to tell you it charges you up for rest of the day no matter what mood you wake up. Luckily today I am full of energy though I am struggling with mood changing. I know the reason, completely not related to my piano journey. I am in the process of cutting sugar out of my life, and I have kind of symptoms of detoxication. Piano, helps to go through this process. The reason I am doing it is because I am trying to find the reason why sometimes, though motivated, I struggle to start another task, another session with the piano. I figured my diet is not that good. So I am changing it to be more enthusiastic. But lets go back to piano plan for today. Nothing really changes and it looks more or less same like days before:

30 min morning session with scales and my app PianoMarvel

60 min piano session with new material to practice and again with my PianoMarvel app.

30+ session of playing what I know to develop that soul touch of what I am playing. It is not easy for me. I am still like a robot yet, though improving slowly.

So, what is your plan for today? Plan it! Write it down – it helps in some mysterious way to follow it better then when is just in your head.

Lets be better again then yesterday. Who knows how our skills will improve today. Maybe today is the day when we make huge step forward! We can’t be sure, unless we do it. So, lets DO IT 🙂 All the best to you all 🙂