Hallelujah easy piano – 10 months since starting point

Hallelujah with Piano Marvel

Quick few facts:

Music piece learnt: “Hallelujah” – PianoMarvel – level 4

My PianoMarvel level: I am practising level 4 exercises

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: just finished 4th part out of 5 parts of level 4 exercises.

PianoMarvel Discount Code: jw – but read this first before to find out more about PianoMarvel : about PianoMarvel

Below you can find my recent level on Piano Marvel, as a proof that what I am writing is actually true 🙂

May has just started and as usually I need to register my progress with you 🙂 So, Since last month I did quite a lot of practice, mostly following Piano Marvel program, which works for me brilliantly. I am able to do one part of the level 4 from Method Exercises and Technique Exercises and play some pieces I know already. I am not pushing learning new pieces too much, since, I know that great sounding music is on Level 6. My goal is to get there as soon as possible. Piano Marvel designed their program, that you actually learn short “songs” in Method area, when in Technique area you learn and develop your piano skills. But back to subject. I did level 4-D and just started level 4-E . You can see that on the picture actually, there are dates when I reached 100% of certain exercises. Anyway, this was quite good month. New skills learnt and I memorized new song, which is: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen 🙂 Of course it is simplified version of it, but still sounds quite good. Not perfect, but I can tell you it gives you a great pleasure to practice it and huge kick to continue learning.

My big advice is to go through first few months without thinking about playing any favourite songs or pieces just to develop your skills. If you are using different application, I really suggest to focus mostly on developing your piano skills. It works perfectly for me, and I know I am much closer to start learning music which actually I like to play with finally focusing more on emotional side of the music.

Funny thing happens when you practice daily for one to two hours. Your skills actually automatically push you to focus on things you wouldn’t even imagine few months back. It just happens.

So, with no more ado, watch the video and simply judge by yourself, how practicing with designed program works for me. I truly recommend to anybody to try it.

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PianoMarvel discount code: jw

PianoMarvel registration link with discount code: PianoMarvel registration page

Read more about PianoMarvel:PianoMarvel more information

All the best to you and keep practicing – reward for doing it is on its way 🙂

Take care.