Episode 16 – Russian Dance – piano practice continues

New year, new piece of music… learning continuous.

It is still not the level I am trying to achieve but I can tell with every lesson I take with my app, with every day spend playing and practising my range spreads. So, equipped with patience and motivation to do more and more I am looking forward to deliver much more advanced pieces for you to keep you going into direction of your musical dreams. It is doable and only daily practice can take us there. So, today, in this episode it is piece called “Russian Dance” learnt with my Piano Marvel app. Enjoy watching and listening and do your work to play something like that or even better. I am still on gaining skills and I hope soon will deliver even better pieces for your pleasure 🙂

Process of learning was quite the same and developed through every day practice. Which means, I study a piece for a while, I check what keys are going to be played, which scale it is, try it slowly to find perfect position for my hands and if necessary hand movement as well and then I start being supported by chopped pieces from PM app. Then with slow tempo I learn all the piece and then I speed up till the right tempo. So far that approach works the best for me. Who knows what will be in another year of practice? Can’t imagine it actually… I couldn’t imagine place where I am now one year ago. And here we are. Practice and learn and you will surprise yourself too!


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Soon I meet you with my new material I am trying to master… let’s not waste time and practice 🙂

Till next time…