Episode 15 – Sevillana, New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

As usually it is right time to set some goals for next year. We almost always do it, but many times after few months, weeks even days we forget about it and life our lives like before. So, let’s be smarter this year, let’s set goals and actually with an action plan do on daily basis something to reach them or be much closer to reach them this year.

Anyway, this video is another step for me. With piece of music called “Sevillana” from my PM program. Another step taken. Take yours with your sources you use to learn piano or maybe try what I use. As you can see it works fine for me, and I am pretty sure if you practice every day will work miracles for you too. Try it: Piano Marvel.

So, how learning process for this piece of music looked like? Well, it is part of my program, and actually it wasn’t that difficult to learn it. Not this one. Great advantage is that I knew pretty well scale it was played and because of that I guess it was quite easy to learn. So, practice and it will be easy for you to learn new material as well.

Enjoy watching, and as usually short message for you inside the video while I play for you!

As usually, if you decide to use app I am using, below you can find some money saving discounts:

Your Piano Marvel discount code is:  jw (gives you ca. 20% saving on monthly basis!

Direct link to Piano Marvel registration below. Start your journey and enjoy the every step of the process. It is worth it!

I will see you soon on next post! … and now I am going back to my piano and PRACTICE. You too enjoy your practice and progress.

Till next time…