Episode 14 – Silent Night, Christmas 2019 wishes

Merry Christmas 2019!

My wishes to you are inside the video while me playing for you. Merry Christmas.

Quick info regarding learning process… It was quite a pleasure to learn this piece, it is not that complicated, though one year ago I could only imagine do it so quickly with being able to read the music sheet, play both hands together much easier, playing it just with support of metronome from my piano not using my app to record it. That is progress for me. I used though my app to learn this piece, where I had it chopped into smaller pieces. So if you are fancy to try my app Piano Marvel, under video there will be some links for you to try it with some discount for you to use if you are willing to use it.

All right with no further ado, Merry Christmas! Have a great time! Enjoy watching and listening:

Your Piano Marvel discount code is:  jw (gives you ca. 20% saving on monthly basis)

Direct link to Piano Marvel registration below. Start your journey and enjoy the every step of the process. It is worth it!

I will see you soon with another video of my progress… I hope you are doing yours as well!

Enjoy playing and your learning process all the way, every day, with every piece you learn, with every skill you master!

Take care.