Episode 13 – “7902 Hilton Place” with Piano Marvel

Another month left, another well spent time with piano, another progress done… journey continues.

This piece of music is part of my program I use learning my piano skills with my app Piano Marvel.

I reached level where practising each new exercise both in Method section and Technique section takes a bit more time. One one hand it is most challenging, but as well sometimes a bit frustrating. But it is not bad. This frustration comes from being hungry for more. Till this moment I learnt how to deal with that. Previous experience from learning what I have already learnt practising all the exercises that lead me here helps to keep focused and practice, practice, practice. Of course we would like to play what we love to play straight away, and sometimes it is possible. Depends of the piece. But my goal is to be able to play almost anything… with understanding what I am doing. And this program I follow is preparing me to do it.

You know those pieces that sound quite easy to play and then at some moment the composer who composed the piece went “crazy”… those skills he or she used when she or he went “crazy” are my ultimate goal. So, one day I can go “crazy” too. I said “crazy” but actually it is not. It is just what they can or could do because they had right set of skills mastered and hours of practice done to be there. I am marching there. You should empower yourself to do the same. If they did it… we can too.

All right, this piece of music is like I mentioned from my program I follow, and… just see. There are more to come. So equipped with patience, hungry for more I continue to play for you one day really well so you can actually enjoy me playing for you and maybe, I actually hope to empower you to learn and play piano or any other instrument you chose to play.

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Take care to next video and blog post. Have fun playing and learning!